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A meeting point for food lovers and curious travelers: the AquaDome Market. This restaurant, the first food hall on the Royal Caribbean fleet, stands out for its culinary diversity and relaxed environment.

Here, casual fast food is transformed into a culinary passport to the world, offering flavors that evoke cuisines from all around the planet. AquaDome Market features five unique food stalls, each with its own personality and menu.

At Feta Mediterranean, one can enjoy fresh pitas and bowls, perfect for a light lunch or a healthy dinner. For cheese enthusiasts, the macaroni stall combines this ingredient with delights such as slow-cooked pulled pork, smoked gouda cheese, and barbecue sauce, creating an irresistible blend.

Toast and Garden offers sandwiches and salads for those seeking a lighter option. For an Asian culinary adventure, the GNGR stall serves dishes like Korean beef with broccoli. Last but not least, Crème de la Crepe allows visitors to enjoy sweet and savory crepes, ideal for finishing a meal or having a mid-afternoon snack.

In addition to the diversity of flavors, AquaDome Market features a bar where one can find a selection of wines and beers, perfect for pairing with any meal. And, of course, all of this is enjoyed with breathtaking ocean views, making the experience even more memorable.

Like all restaurants on Royal Caribbean cruises, AquaDome Market is included in the cruise price and is free. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, allowing passengers to enjoy its variety of options at any time of the day. The convenience and flexibility of constant service make it an easy and accessible choice for all passengers, regardless of their schedule or food preferences.


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