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The VIP Restaurant aboard the Icon of the Seas by Royal Caribbean cruise ship is a perfect place to make every special occasion unforgettable. Its name, Celebration Table, is no coincidence. Designed for small groups, up to 12 people, this space offers an exclusive gastronomic experience not found anywhere else.

The AquaDome serves as the backdrop, providing a stunning panorama of the ocean that envelops each meal in a unique ambiance. Imagine sitting with your loved ones, sharing laughter and memories while the sea unfolds before you, adding a special touch to every gathering.

The VIP restaurant allows you to personalize your experience. Before the meal, you and your group enjoy a private moment in your own personal lounge. At the table, each seat offers a view of the sea, thanks to its window-side arrangement.

When it comes to the culinary offerings, Celebration Table presents fixed menus from various parts of the world: American, Italian, Asian, and seafood. Each menu is served family-style, making it easy to share and adding an element of camaraderie to the experience. As part of the experience, an exclusive cocktail is also included.

A highlight of Celebration Table is its focus on customization. Diners can add their own touch to the evening by choosing menu enhancements and environmental adjustments that suit their preferences. Thus, the celebration can be shaped according to the group's tastes, from menu selection to the ambiance of the room.

Now, to ensure exclusivity and attention to detail in every service, advance reservation is required. This can be done through the My Royal Cruise option or through the Royal App.

The price for the experience at Celebration Table is not included in the cruise fare and varies depending on the selected menu and requested enhancements. We recommend checking the exact cost when making your reservation.

As for the schedule, the VIP restaurant opens for dinner, although the exact timings may vary depending on the cruise itinerary. We recommend verifying the available timings when making your reservation.

Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or simply want to create a special experience for your loved ones, the Celebration Table aboard the Icon of the Seas offers the opportunity to do so with a touch of distinction.


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