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All About Empire Supper Club

Welcome to our exploration of the Empire Supper Club, the innovative restaurant on board Royal Caribbean cruises. A gastronomic gem known for its elegance, luxury, and flavor, inspired by old New York and located in the serene atmosphere of Central Park.

Unlike other culinary destinations on board, this establishment stands out with its gourmet and highly refined menu, consisting of eight courses that showcase exquisite American cuisine. Each dish is meticulously thought out, from the selection of ingredients to its presentation on the plate, covering a range that extends from sophisticated caviar to coveted wagyu.

But the gastronomic experience doesn't end with the plate. Each course of the dinner is accompanied by a specially selected beverage to complement and enhance the flavors, turning the dinner into a complete sensory experience. This is done to maximize your culinary journey and amplify the pleasure of savoring each bite.

What adds a unique dimension to the dining experience at Empire Supper Club is the musical component. While enjoying your meal, a three-piece band provides an exclusive and one-of-a-kind rendition of favorite modern songs, with a touch that harks back to a bygone era of sophistication and glamour. This smooth and harmonious musical touch adds an additional layer of charm to the experience.

As befitting a restaurant of its caliber, the dress code recommended for guests is formal, accentuating the atmosphere of luxury and elegance that characterizes the Empire Supper Club.

Booking a dinner at Empire Supper Club can easily be done through My Royal Cruise or the Royal App, allowing you to plan your culinary experience in advance and secure a spot in this coveted restaurant.

As for the price, Empire Supper Club operates with a fixed price (indicated with $$$ on the price scale), which means you can enjoy everything this exclusive eight-course menu has to offer for a single cost. This approach allows you to enjoy the complete experience without any additional worries.


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