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If you're looking for a quick casual meal with delicious snacks prepared to order, head to Royal Caribbean's Park Cafe. Here you'll find a selection of classic delicacies that will knock your socks off, including freshly prepared-to-order salads, paninis and freshly pressed sandwiches.

The Park Cafe menu offers something for everyone during breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. Enjoy classic delicacies such as soups and sandwiches, as well as sweet treats and a stellar breakfast. Plus, this restaurant is included (free) in the price and is at no additional cost to the price of the cruise. 

Don't miss Royal's legendary Kümmelweck roast beef sandwich, which is a guest favorite and a rite of passage for food lovers on the high seas. Plus, if you're craving something light and green, order an exclusive ready-to-eat salad or ask the crew to prepare a custom salad for you.

Royal Caribbean's Park Cafe is a casual venue, so there's no need to worry about attire. Just come here for a delicious, fast casual meal prepared to order.



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