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The Main Restaurant is one of the largest and most popular restaurants on Royal Caribbean cruises, and is found on most ships in the fleet. It offers a wide selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in an elegant and refined atmosphere, being included (free) in the price.

The Main Restaurant menu varies according to the time of day and the ship's location, but always offers a selection of classic dishes and innovative dishes. For breakfast, guests can choose from a variety of options, including eggs Benedict, Belgian waffles, omelets, cereals and fresh fruit.

For lunch, the Main Restaurant serves light dishes, such as salads, soups and sandwiches, as well as heartier options, such as burgers, meats and fish. Entrees range from pasta to Asian, Mediterranean and classic American cuisine.

For dinner, the Main Restaurant offers a three-course menu that changes daily. Guests can choose from starters, main courses and dessert options, which include meat, fish, chicken, pasta and vegetarian options. In addition, special dishes and themed dining options, such as Italian or seafood nights, are offered nightly.

The ambiance of the Main Restaurant is elegant and formal, and guests should dress appropriately. Dinners are held in two shifts, with fixed or flexible seating options, and guests can choose their preferred dining time when making a reservation.



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