Bars and Lounges

Bars and Lounges on Cruise Ships

One of the places that cruise guests enjoy the most are the bars and lounges, areas on the ship where they can cool off with a cold beer or have fun while dancing with friends and family.

One of the most interesting advantages of choosing a cruise is that they usually have a wide variety of lounges and bars with all kinds of themes located on the different decks of the ship. The most common ones are:

  • Pool Bar: It is usually located near the pool, although the most modern cruises include several distributed throughout their higher outer decks to better distribute guests and provide better service. 
  • Sports Bar: In these bars, you can watch live sports events such as soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, and many other sports completely for free, including all kinds of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. 
  • Piano Bar: There are some cruises that have piano bars and usually have an elegant theme where you can have a glass of champagne or cava. 
  • Nightclub: They usually open at night on most ships and are typically located on the highest deck, having dance floors with all kinds of music and a DJ every night. 
  • Smoking Bar: If you are a smoker, you will have to follow the rules of each ship, as almost all do not allow smoking in the cabins or cruise areas, although there are some bars where it is allowed and where you can order all kinds of drinks. 
  • Cocktail Lounges: It is becoming increasingly common to see lounges or bars exclusively for enjoying cocktails with or without alcohol on cruises, even in some with a robot that will serve it directly to us and customize the cocktail to our taste. 
  • Brewery: The bar for beer lovers, where you can order all kinds of national or international beers on tap, can or glass bottle, usually with an additional cost on some beer brands even if you have the drink package on some ships. 

We must take into account that generally, bars on cruises have an additional cost unless we have purchased a drink package with or without alcohol. Depending on the cruise line we choose, drink prices can vary significantly, so we recommend researching the drink packages they have available to see if it is cost-effective for us.

Next, we will share some typical drink packages that cruises usually have available to use in their bars and lounges:

  • Alcoholic Drink Package: They usually offer a variety of alcoholic beverages such as draft beers, wines by the glass, liquors, alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks, juices, bottled mineral water, coffee, and other hot drinks for all bars and restaurants on the ship unless otherwise indicated.
  • Non-Alcoholic Drink Package: Almost all cruise lines usually offer the previous package but only with drinks that do not contain alcohol, costing considerably less and perfect for teenagers or adults who do not like drinks that contain alcohol or who will not amortize the previous package.
  • Kids Drink Package: This drink package is designed for kids and includes non-alcoholic cocktails, soft drinks (cola, fanta, etc.), energy drinks, mineral water, flavored water, fruit juices, hot drinks such as chocolate, tea, and ice cream. 
  • Beer Package: If you are planning to drink only beer during meals or dinners, this package would be a good option that varies in price according to the amount of beer we want.
  • Bottled Water Package: This package is like the previous one but with bottled mineral water, allowing you to buy different quantities and costing less for more quantities, although on most cruises, we can also ask for a glass of water or use the water dispensers in the buffet. 

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