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Crown's Edge from Royal Caribbean cruises offers a unique experience designed for those seeking a bit of adventure during their journey. This activity combines a high-altitude walk, a rope course, and a thrilling attraction all in one. Its purpose is to test the bravery of passengers and provide a completely different leisure experience.

The challenge begins with a rope course where passengers must walk and balance on different shapes and paths. Sound easy? There's a surprise: this course is located outside the ship, with the ocean as the only panorama beneath your feet. As you progress, you can appreciate the sway of the waves crashing against the ship.

As if that's not enough, the second part of the attraction takes the excitement a step further. At an unexpected moment, the walkway beneath the participants' feet collapses, leaving them hanging at an impressive 47 meters above the ocean. Then, suddenly, the participants find themselves swinging back to safety, adding an extra dose of adrenaline to the challenge.

It's important to note that the Crown's Edge activity may have restrictions based on height, weight, age, and physical condition. It is crucial for all participants to ensure they meet these restrictions to guarantee their safety during the activity.

Royal Caribbean cruises are packed with activities like water slides, bumper cars, and zip lines, but perhaps no other activity is as thrilling as Crown's Edge. This is a brand new activity debuting on the Icon of the Seas, and it promises an unforgettable experience for adventurous passengers.

In terms of prices and timings, we recommend that passengers directly consult with the cruise staff, as these may vary depending on the duration of the trip, the season, and other factors. However, we can assure you that the experience offered by Crown's Edge fully justifies its inclusion in any sea voyage.

The new Crown's Edge activity from Royal Caribbean cruises redefines the concept of adventure and excitement on the high seas. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or simply looking to try something new and exciting, this attraction offers an unparalleled experience that will challenge your limits and let you see the ocean from a completely different perspective.

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