Game Room

Game Room on Cruise Ships

One of the favorite areas for children and teenagers is the game room of the cruise ship, which depending on the company and ship chosen is larger or smaller, including all kinds of video game arcade machines:

  • Pinball machines
  • Classic arcade machines
  • Car racing machines
  • Dance machines
  • Shooting gallery machines
  • Sports simulation machines
  • Ball throwing machines
  • Air hockey machines
  • Dart throwing machines
  • Bowling machines
  • Climbing machines
  • Virtual reality machines
  • Light gun machines
  • Boxing machines
  • Wrestling machines
  • Ice skating machines
  • Fishing machines
  • Music machines
  • Skill-based machines
  • Augmented reality machines

So if you go on a newer cruise you can play some games or win some prizes in the slot machines that are usually also in the game room of the ship, but always play responsibly and remember to manage the expense card that we give to children to avoid a scare at the exit of the cruise.

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