Lifts on Cruise Ships

A fundamental part to be able to move around the cruise are the elevators that are distributed by the stern, bow and center of the ship in which fit between 10 to 20 people approximately. Including inside the elevator a map to know at all times where you are and in which decks are the leisure areas.

Next to the elevators there are also stairs, so if at any time you see that the elevators are taking a long time to arrive you can use them, although the most recent cruises have so many elevators that there are not so many waits to have better distribution. 

The moments with more passengers in the elevators usually happen at the beginning of the dinners, embarking in a port during the morning or returning from the excursions, in the rest of the hours there are no problems. 

One of the elevators that are becoming more and more common are the panoramic elevators overlooking the sea and others overlooking the central park or center of the ship, so you get a breathtaking view.

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