Parque Acuático

Parque Acuático on Cruise Ships

It seems surprising but every year it is more common to see cruises that include among their attractions water parks where you can enjoy a totally free dip with a different experience on the high seas. 

These water amusement parks have several types of slides to go down, adapted for different ages and heights, so that some of them, depending on the age or minimum height, cannot be accessed. The most common ones on cruise ships are:

  • Straight slides
  • Speed slides
  • Funnel slides
  • Spiral slides
  • Kamikaze slides
  • Racing slides
  • Tunnel slides
  • Wave slides
  • Free-fall slides
  • Looping slides

The best times to enjoy the pools and water park areas are on the days when the cruise ship is in port and the ship's guests are visiting the city on excursions. Keep in mind that each cruise line offers different water slides and experiences on their ships, so it is always interesting to investigate which one has the most or the best.

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