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Cruises have become increasingly popular over time for having exclusive spa or thermal areas for passengers, which some cruise lines charge extra for and others are included in the final price. These areas normally include saunas, jacuzzis, heated pools with pressurized water jets that allow for total relaxation during the days on the ship. Each cruise ship has a different size spa area, including at least the following services for a fee unless otherwise indicated:

  • Service for all types of massages (Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, Thai, etc.).
  • Beauty treatments with body scrubs, hydration, pedicures, and all kinds of beauty services.
  • Hairdressing service for men and women with hairstyles, haircuts, manicures, dyes, etc.
  • Outdoor spa area where you can enjoy a heated pool with special loungers.
  • Classes of yoga, meditation, general well-being, which in some cases are free due to the ship's entertainment.
  • Other services include acupuncture, aroma or light therapy, and reflexology.

In addition to all of these services and areas that are found in the cruise ship spa, there is an option to purchase special packages on almost all cruise lines, which usually include access to the thermal area throughout the stay and massages on demand. Below are some spa packages from well-known cruise lines:

  • MSC Cruises: Their package offers access to the thermal areas throughout the stay on their ships where this service is available, 60 minutes of massage, and a facial treatment.
  • Royal Caribbean: Offers a package where guests can enjoy a 75-minute massage, facial treatment, a manicure, a pedicure, and a session à la carte in the beauty salon they have on board.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Has a spa package called Mandara that includes a 50-minute Swedish massage, facial treatment, and a foot and leg massage.
  • Costa Cruises: The cruises of this company also usually offer a special package that includes 50 minutes of massage, a 25-minute facial treatment, and access to all spa facilities.

These are some of the spa packages that depending on the dates, duration of the stay, and condition of the cruise line, may vary, but they have them all to save money instead of getting the treatments separately.

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