Surfing Simulator

Surfing Simulator on Cruise Ships

Surf simulators are one of the most exciting attractions that can be found on some cruise ships. These surf simulators use advanced technology to simulate ocean waves, allowing passengers to experience the sensation of surfing without having to leave the ship.

Surf simulators on cruise ships are generally large facilities that are located on the top deck of the ship. These simulators are equipped with a sliding surface that moves at high speed to simulate the motion of ocean waves. Passengers can climb aboard the simulator and practice surfing with the help of an experienced instructor.

The price of the surf simulators are usually free on virtually all cruise lines but it is always recommended to go as early as possible to avoid waiting in line.  

Although surf simulators on cruise ships are an exciting activity, it is important to note that there may be some age, weight or height restrictions to participate. Also, you may have to pay an additional fee to use the surf simulator, although this may vary by cruise line and ship size.

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