Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships have nothing to envy to hotels in terms of swimming pools, with a multitude of outdoor and heated pools depending on the type of ship or shipping company chosen. In addition, passengers can make use of the sunbeds for free and have bars around the pool with waiters to ask for all kinds of drinks or ice cream, in this case with additional cost unless you have a drinks package contracted. 

There are all kinds of pools with capacity for many people and usually differentiating between adults and children, having greater depth and adapted for them. In addition, there are some areas of the pools that have whirlpools and jacuzzis where you can take a dip with bubbles and hot water. 

One of the tips we can give you is the acquisition of bath towels that are in almost all shipping companies free to use during our stay and can be changed daily for free but remember to return them at the end of the cruise. 

In the most modern cruises, apart from the conventional swimming pools, we will be able to find wave pools for surfing or giant slides where to jump and live an unforgettable experience.

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