Butcher’s Cut

All About Butcher’s Cut

Butcher's Cut is the exclusive specialty restaurant aboard MSC Cruises that offers a unique dining experience for meat lovers. This elegant and sophisticated restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner, a special celebration or simply to taste the best cuts of meat during your cruise vacation.

This restaurant has a fixed price for each dish you order, having starters or soups from 7 euros, going through the wild salmon at 29 euros to the most premium meat dishes like the TomaHawk for 98 euros a kilo. 

At Butcher's Cut, you will find an exceptional selection of high quality cuts of meat, which are prepared and cooked to perfection by the restaurant's expert chefs. From tender beef to juicy lamb, the restaurant's menu has something for every meat lover.

The restaurant's ambiance is equally impressive, with sleek, modern décor that creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for diners. In addition, the service is first class and the staff is committed to providing you with the best possible dining experience during your cruise.

Butcher's Cut is usually open for dinner, although on sailing days it is also open for lunch, so it is always a good time to enjoy a good steak. 

If you are interested in visiting the restaurant on your next MSC cruise, it is important that you reserve your table in advance, as this specialty restaurant is very popular with passengers. To make a reservation, simply log on to the MSC Cruises website and select the online booking option.



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