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MSC Cruises is a leading cruise line, offering a wide variety of travel options around the world. With a fleet of 22 modern and luxurious ships, MSC Cruises has gained recognition for its quality and excellence in service, as well as for its innovative entertainment proposals on board.

One of the main advantages of traveling with MSC Cruises is the wide variety of destinations they offer. The company has itineraries that include Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In addition, it is one of the few cruise lines to offer Arctic cruises.

Another important advantage is the wide range of entertainment options on board. MSC Cruises' ships feature theaters, cinemas, swimming pools, spas, gyms, casinos and a variety of restaurants and bars. In addition, the company has developed a digital platform that allows passengers to book excursions, make restaurant reservations and plan their travel itinerary from their cell phone.

When it comes to dining, MSC Cruises' ships feature a wide variety of options. From traditional Italian restaurants to international options, from fine dining to more casual options such as burgers and pizzerias. Here is a list of the most popular restaurants on MSC Cruises ships:

  • Eataly: a restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine, made with high-quality ingredients.
  • Butcher's Cut: a restaurant specializing in high-quality meats, served in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Teppanyaki: a Japanese restaurant where chefs prepare dishes on a grill in front of diners.
  • Kaito Sushi Bar: a sushi bar where you can taste different varieties of sushi and sashimi.
  • La Locanda: a restaurant offering traditional Italian cuisine, with homemade and authentic dishes.
  • Galaxy Lounge: an elegant restaurant offering high-quality cuisine with quality ingredients.
  • Sports Bar: an informal bar where you can watch live sports and enjoy American food.
  • Jean-Philippe Maury: a dessert bar where you can taste creations by the famous French pastry chef Jean-Philippe Maury.
  • Ocean Cay: a restaurant offering fresh seafood and Caribbean-inspired dishes.
  • The Butcher's Son: an informal restaurant offering gourmet burgers and other high-quality fast food options.

MSC Cruises offers different experiences in its inside, outside, balcony and suite staterooms, categorized as follows:

MSC Cruises offers different experiences in its interior, exterior, balcony and suite cabins, categorized as follows:

  • Bella Experience: This is the most basic and economical option of MSC Cruises. Bella cabins offer comfortable and functional accommodation, with basic services such as room service and daily cleaning. This experience also includes access to all shows and activities on board the ship.
  • Fantastica Experience: This is a more complete option than the Bella experience. Fantastica cabins offer a privileged location on the ship, with access to additional services such as breakfast in the room with free delivery and a 20% discount at some specialty restaurants. It also includes access to all activities and shows on board the ship.
  • Aurea Experience: This is a more premium option than the Fantastica experience. Including everything from Bella and Fantastica plus 24-hour room service with free delivery, a welcome package that includes Prosecco and chocolate, dinner at the time you prefer, access to the thermal area, a 40% discount on some spas, 10% off treatments and priority boarding and management.
  • MSC Yacht Club: This is the most luxurious and exclusive experience offered by MSC Cruises. MSC Yacht Club cabins offer an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, with 24-hour butler service, access to private areas such as the terrace and lounge, breakfast/lunch/dinner in a private restaurant and a wide range of additional services such as an unlimited drinks package, a range of pillows to choose from, minibar and free spa treatments. It also includes access to all activities and shows on board the ship.

MSC Cruises currently has the following cruise ships among its entire fleet of ships:

  • MSC Armonia
  • MSC Bellissima
  • MSC Divina
  • MSC Euribia
  • MSC Fantasia
  • MSC Grandiosa
  • MSC Lirica
  • MSC Magnifica
  • MSC Meraviglia
  • MSC Musica
  • MSC Opera
  • MSC Orchestra
  • MSC Poesia
  • MSC Preziosa
  • MSC Seascape
  • MSC Seashore
  • MSC Seaside
  • MSC Seaview
  • MSC Sinfonia
  • MSC Splendida
  • MSC Virtuosa
  • MSC World Europa