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The Kaito Sushi Bar on MSC Cruises is a specialty restaurant that focuses on serving fresh and delicious sushi and other Japanese dishes. This exclusive restaurant is the ideal place for sushi lovers who want to enjoy a unique culinary experience during their cruise vacation.

Menu offers a wide variety of options, including sushi, sashimi and sushi rolls, prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients by expert chefs. In addition, the restaurant also features popular Japanese dishes, such as ramen and tempura, for those who want to try something different.

The price of the Kaito Sushi Bar is around 28 euros for the dining experience that includes various dishes such as Misoshiru, Sake, Tako Nigiri or Tataki to name a few examples that vary according to the cruise and ports of call. Having a schedule usually for dinners or when the ship has a full sailing day, also offering lunches. 

Besides, you can also order the different sushi, sashimi and rolls individually, with prices ranging from 4 euros to 32 euros for the most expensive ones. You can see the menu by clicking on the blue button after the video.

The ambience is elegant and sophisticated, with a minimalist decor that creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere for diners. In addition, the service is exceptional and the staff is committed to providing the best possible dining experience during your cruise.



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