Kaito Teppanyaki

All About Kaito Teppanyaki

MSC Cruises' Kaito Teppanyaki is a specialty restaurant that offers an authentic Japanese dining experience. This exclusive restaurant focuses on serving dishes prepared on the spot on teppanyaki grills, offering a culinary spectacle for all diners.

The menu features a wide variety of options, including seafood, meat and fresh vegetables, which are cooked to perfection by expert chefs on the teppanyaki grills. In addition, the restaurant offers vegetarian options for those who wish to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine without meat.

The atmosphere at Kaito Teppanyaki is lively and entertaining, with expert chefs juggling knives and other culinary tricks while preparing dishes on the teppanyaki grills. In addition, the service is exceptional and the staff is committed to providing the best possible dining experience during your cruise.



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