Luna Park Pizza & Burger

All About Luna Park Pizza & Burger

Luna Park Pizza & Burger is one of the most casual and relaxed restaurants aboard MSC Cruises ships. This restaurant specializes in pizzas and burgers, two classic dining options that are always popular with diners.

It is a casual restaurant that offers a relaxed and carefree dining experience. Diners can choose from a wide variety of pizza and burger options, from classic choices to more modern and creative creations.

This restaurant is completely free for cruise guests and is open 24 hours a day for dining at any time. 

The pizzas are freshly prepared and baked in a stone oven, which gives them an authentic and delicious taste. The burgers are prepared with fresh meat and are accompanied by a variety of toppings and sauces to customize the dishes according to the tastes of each diner.

It also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options for those with special diets. In addition, the restaurant has a wide selection of beverages, including beers and cocktails, to accompany the dishes.



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