MSC Yacht Club Restaurant

All About MSC Yacht Club Restaurant

The MSC Yacht Club has an exclusive specialty restaurant, an exclusive area on board MSC cruises, designed to provide an experience of luxury and privacy to the most demanding passengers who have a stateroom with Yacht Club privileges.

This restaurant is included in the price (free) of the aforementioned guests with access to breakfast, lunch and dinner during each day of their stay. 

This exclusive restaurant focuses on serving high quality dishes, prepared by expert chefs and presented in an exceptional manner. The menu is very varied, including options for all tastes, from Italian to international dishes.

In addition, it offers table service with personalized attention, which means that the staff is dedicated exclusively to attending to the needs of the restaurant's guests. It also features an exclusive selection of wines and beverages to complement the dining experience.

The ambiance of the MSC Yacht Club Restaurant is elegant and sophisticated, with refined décor and exceptional service. This restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic dinner or a business lunch in a private and exclusive atmosphere.



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