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275 m
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What does MSC Armonia offer?

When we talk about the MSC Armonia, we are dealing with a ship that is part of the MSC Cruises fleet. Built in the year 2001, it holds Panamanian nationality. Given that the cruise industry has evolved over the last two decades, this vessel has also undergone modernizations to adapt to current demands.

We are faced with a ship of considerable size. With a length of 274.9 meters and a beam of 32 meters, its height reaches 54 meters. Additionally, it has a gross tonnage of 65,542 tons. In terms of speed, it can reach up to 20.1 knots, and it is stabilized with 2 fins, which make the navigation experience more comfortable in rough seas or strong winds. The electrical voltage in the cabins is 110/220 volts, a detail to consider for those who need to plug in electronic devices during their stay.

The capacity of the MSC Armonia is also noteworthy. It can accommodate up to 2,679 passengers and has a crew of approximately 721 people. This gives a good idea of the scope of operations on board, from customer service to managing the multiple services offered by the ship.

We have 13 decks, of which 9 are exclusively dedicated for passenger use. Additionally, there are 9 elevators that facilitate vertical transportation within the ship. For gastronomy enthusiasts, there are 5 restaurants on board, and for those who enjoy a drink in a relaxed environment, the ship offers 7 bars.

Other services include the Armonia Lounge & Library, the MSC Business Center, and the Starlight Disco, to name a few. There is also a La Fenice Theater with a capacity for 550 people, ideal for enjoying performances and presentations. 

For the well-being of passengers, there is a Medical Center and a Reception-Guest Service. And, aquatic recreation areas could not be missing, with 2 swimming pools, both with areas for children, and 2 whirlpools.

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Cabins are a crucial part of the cruise experience, and the MSC Armonia offers several options:

  • 130 Suites: With an area of approximately 22 m² and a balcony of around 5 m², these cabins offer a very respectable level of comfort.
  • 94 Cabins with Balcony: Their area is 13 m², and they have a balcony of 3.5 m². 337 Ocean View Cabins: These have a porthole and their area varies from 13 to 22 m².
  • 64 Cabins with Obstructed View: Similar to the previous ones, but with a limited view, they have an area of 13 m².
  • 351 Interior Cabins: Out of these, 346 have an area of 13 m², and 5 are adapted for people with reduced mobility and have an area between 20 and 21 m².

Each type of cabin offers different experiences, from Fantastica to Aurea, which vary based on the additional services and amenities included in the package. It is relevant to mention that the beds in all cabin types can be converted into two single beds, adding versatility to the accommodation options.

Technical characteristics

MSC Armonia
Year built 2001
Beam 32 m
Length 275 m
Tonnage 65542 tn.
Velocity 20 knots
Passenger capacity 2679
Crew capacity 721
Ratio of crew per passenger 3,72
Decks 13
Cabins 976
Lifts 9
Nationality Panamá
Class Lirica

List of Restaurants

restaurantes MSC Armonia

One of the key elements for a complete and satisfying experience on a cruise is undoubtedly the culinary offering. On the MSC Armonia, this aspect is carefully planned so that each culinary moment is both a surprise and a delight. Here, we will discuss the restaurants you can find on this ship and their specific characteristics, from the number of seats to their locations on different decks. So, if you plan to spend time onboard, this information will be useful to know what to expect in the gastronomic realm.

General Characteristics of the Restaurants

Before diving into details, it's worth mentioning some general aspects that stand out in the gastronomic offering of the MSC Armonia. First, there's the diversity. This refers to different styles of cuisine, from Italian dishes at Il Girasole to surf and turf options at the Surf & Turf Restaurant. Second, the capacity of the restaurants varies, allowing for different atmospheres and experiences. Lastly, the location, as each restaurant is situated on a different deck of the ship, offering different views and sensations.

List of Restaurants on the MSC Armonia

Below, you'll find a list of the restaurants that can be enjoyed on the MSC Armonia:

  • Il Girasole: Located on deck 11 Aquamarine, this restaurant has a capacity for 402 people and an area of 968 m2. The place is versatile, offering options such as a grill, pizzeria, and bar.
  • La Brasserie: Also on deck 11 Aquamarine, La Brasserie has 344 seats and an area of 710 m2. It's a buffet-style restaurant that also features a bar.
  • La Pergola: This restaurant is situated on deck 6 Diamond and has a capacity for 346 people. With an area of 534 m2, it's located on the upper deck of the ship.
  • Marco Polo: Located on deck 5 Ruby, Marco Polo offers 988 seats and an area of 600 m2. This restaurant is on the lower deck of the ship.
  • Surf & Turf Restaurant: With 38 seats and an area of 6 m2, this specialty restaurant is located on deck 6 Diamond. Ideal for those seeking a more intimate gastronomic experience.

Practical Use in Everyday Situations If you find yourself on the MSC Armonia, each restaurant serves a specific purpose:

  • For a quick yet delicious meal, Il Girasole would be a good option with its grill and pizzeria.
  • If you're in relaxation mode and don't want to decide too much, La Brasserie with its buffet format makes things easy.
  • For a dinner with views on the upper deck, La Pergola is your spot.
  • If you're looking for a more traditional experience, Marco Polo located on the lower deck could be your choice.
  • Lastly, if you desire a more exclusive atmosphere, the Surf & Turf Restaurant is the ideal place for a more intimate dinner.

The variety of restaurants on the MSC Armonia offers a complete range of culinary experiences. Each restaurant has its own ambiance, cuisine style, and location on the ship, allowing you to enjoy different culinary moments throughout your stay. Now you're a bit more prepared for your journey aboard the MSC Armonia.

Name Type Food Cost
Marketplace Buffet & Restaurant Autoservicio Buffet
Restaurante Principal (MSC) Mesa Incluido

Bars and Lounges Listings

Cruises are like floating cities, and the MSC Armonia is no exception. Passengers often want to explore and enjoy the different leisure and entertainment options on board, which is why we've decided to delve into the bars and lounges offered by this cruise ship. Every corner of this vessel reflects careful design and functionality to provide passengers with various environments to spend their time. So, let's take a look at the different bars and lounges available on this ship, their use, area, and their specific location by deck.

General Information about Bars and Lounges

Bars and lounges on a cruise are not just places to have a drink. They are spaces designed for relaxation, entertainment, and, of course, socializing. These areas have been thought out to the last detail to offer passengers diverse experiences. From a quiet coffee in an elegant setting to a vibrant spot with music and dancing, the MSC Armonia has it all.

Moreover, it's not just about what you see but also about what you feel. Designers have played with lighting, materials, furniture, and the layout of each space to create different atmospheres. So, regardless of your mood or what you feel like doing, you'll always find a place that suits your needs on the MSC Armonia.

List of Bars and Lounges on the MSC Armonia

  • Armonia Lounge & Library: Located on deck 6 Diamond. With an area of 319 m2, it has a capacity for 130 people. Here, passengers can enjoy shows, music, and for those who like to move, there's a dance floor. Additionally, for those seeking a moment of tranquility, the library offers a peaceful corner.
  • Bar del Duomo: Situated on deck 5 Ruby and spanning 600 m2, it can accommodate 205 people. A perfect place to enjoy good music, accompanied, if desired, by a few dance steps on its dance floor.
  • Caffè San Marco: A delightful corner on deck 6 Diamond. With 295 m2, this café can host 90 people, serving as an ideal gathering spot for coffee lovers and relaxed conversations.
  • Cigar Room: This smoking lounge is located on deck 5 Ruby. With 50 m2, it's an intimate space for 12 people, where one can enjoy a fine cigar in a calm and distinguished environment.
  • The Red Bar: An elegant piano bar on deck 6 Diamond. With an area of 210 m2, this space, which can accommodate 96 people, is perfect for listening to live piano melodies while enjoying a drink.
  • The White Lion Pub: On deck 5 Ruby, with 376 m2 and a capacity for 85 people, it transports us to a typical English pub where passengers can enjoy a beer and engaging conversations.
  • Il Lido Bar: This option on deck 11 Aquamarine, with an impressive area of 2,364 m2, is the ideal spot to relax in the sun. With a capacity for 280 people, this poolside bar also offers ice cream and a vitamin bar for those seeking healthier options.

The MSC Armonia offers a variety of bars and lounges to cater to all tastes and needs. Each space is designed with the passenger experience in mind, and we're pleased to provide this detailed guide so that everyone can find their favorite spot on board. It's the combination of these spaces, along with other amenities and services, that makes this cruise an unique and complete experience. While we haven't used superlatives, we believe that the simple description of what's on board speaks for itself. Enjoy the journey!

What to do in MSC Armonia?

listado de servicios MSC Armonia

Over the years, the concept of cruises has evolved significantly. From being considered merely a means of transportation, they have transformed into true floating cities where every corner is an opportunity to discover and enjoy. When boarding the MSC Armonia, you'll find a wide variety of activities for all tastes and ages. Below, we provide a detailed overview of what you can expect in terms of entertainment and activities on board this cruise.

Entertainment and Leisure Areas

Armonia Lounge & Library: Located on deck 6 Diamond, this space, with an area of 319 m2 and a capacity for 130 people, combines a relaxed atmosphere with shows and a dance floor. It's ideal for enjoying a good book or a cocktail while listening to live music.

Bar del Duomo: On deck 5 Ruby, this bar offers music and a dance floor in a space of 600 m2, with a capacity for 205 people. It's a perfect place to socialize and enjoy music.

Gallery: Situated on deck 5 Ruby, sunglasses, watches, and jewelry are available for purchase in a space designed for 60 people.

Cyber Café: On the same deck, deck 5 Ruby, this area has 6 internet connection points in a space meant for 80 people. Perfect for those who want to stay connected with the outside world.

Jewellery Shop: With a capacity for 100 people, this space on deck 5 Ruby offers a selection of luxury jewelry and accessories.

MSC Business Center: With an area of 394 m2 on deck 6 Diamond, this space is multifunctional, ideal for conferences, meetings, or even enjoying a movie in its small cinema.

Negozi Via Della Spiga: Located on deck 5 Ruby, this space features a variety of duty-free products, perfumes, cosmetics, and other items of interest.

Palm Beach Casino: On deck 6 Diamond, with an area of 454 m2, this casino offers table games, slot machines, and a bar.

Photo Gallery: On deck 6 Diamond, this area is dedicated to photography, where guests can purchase images taken during the cruise.

Shopping Area: Located on deck 6 Diamond, this space offers bags from different brands and styles.

Starlight Disco: On deck 12 Sapphire, with a capacity for 225 people and an area of 739 m2, this space transforms into a vibrant disco with a bar.

Teatro La Fenice: Spread across decks 5 Ruby and 6 Diamond, with a capacity for 550 people and an area of 1,135 m2, it offers theatrical shows and conferences.

The Mini Mall (Duty Free): On deck 5 Ruby, this is another shopping area where guests can purchase tax-free products.

Areas for the Youngest Guests

The youngest passengers also have their space on the MSC Armonia. Baby Club: On deck 11 Aquamarine, this space is specifically designed for babies under 3 years old, in collaboration with Chicco.

Junior Club: On deck 12 Sapphire, with LEGO® games, this space is ideal for children aged 7 to 11.

Mini Club: On deck 11 Aquamarine, another LEGO® play area designed for children aged 3 to 6.

Teen Club: Located on deck 6 Diamond, this club is ideal for young people aged 15 to 17, with a game room and activities specifically designed for them.

Young Club: On deck 12 Sapphire, for young people aged 12 to 14, this space offers a suitable environment for their needs.

Video Games Arcade: On deck 6 Diamond, this NAMCO arcade room is perfect for video game enthusiasts.

Wellness and Beauty

For those who want to take care of themselves even during their vacation, the MSC Armonia offers a range of beauty and wellness services and treatments. Beauty Services: With makeup and depilation services.

Jean Louis David Hair Salon: Located on deck 11 Aquamarine, it offers cutting, coloring, styling, and other hair treatments.

Manicure & Pedicure: On deck 11 Aquamarine, a complete 1-hour manicure and pedicure treatment is offered.

Massages & Treatments: On the same deck, guests can enjoy massages and body and facial treatments.

Medi Spa: Offering treatments like botox, facial fillers, anti-aging facial treatments, and acupuncture, this space is on deck 11 Aquamarine.

MSC Gym powered by Technogym: On deck 11 Aquamarine, this gym is equipped with state-of-the-art cardio machines.

Reception: On deck 11 Aquamarine, the reception and welcome area provide the first impression to guests upon boarding.

Solarium: This cutting-edge equipment, located on deck 11 Aquamarine, offers safe tanning.

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