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What does MSC Sinfonia offer?

When we talk about the MSC Sinfonia, we are not merely mentioning a ship, but a true work of technical and structural art. Created by the renowned company MSC Cruises, this cruise ship stands out not only for its size but also for the meticulousness with which every detail has been designed.

To begin with, it's important to remember that this cruise ship saw its first dawn in the year 2002. From its construction until today, it has sailed waters of all continents under the flag of Panama. Although it might not be the most recent in terms of age, it remains a benchmark in terms of capacity and design.

To get an idea of the size and capacity of the MSC Sinfonia, it's enough to review some key data. This sea giant has a capacity for 2,679 passengers, distributed in 980 cabins. To cater to each and every passenger, it has a crew of 721 individuals.

If we delve a bit deeper into the technical characteristics of the ship, we find that it has a gross tonnage of 65,542 tons. With a length of 274.9 m and a beam of 32 m, it's no wonder that the Sinfonia impresses in any port. Out of its 13 decks, 9 of them are dedicated exclusively for the enjoyment of the passengers.

Mobility between the different areas of the ship is agile thanks to the 9 elevators. And when it comes to speed, the Sinfonia can reach a maximum velocity of 20.9 knots. The electrical voltage in the cabins is 110/220 volts, accommodating the needs of different electrical devices for the passengers.

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Curious about life on board? Well, the gastronomic options are plentiful. The cruise ship houses 4 restaurants and 7 bars. In addition to this, there are 2 pools, both with specific areas for children, and 2 hot tubs for those moments of relaxation.

That being said, it's impossible not to mention the various accommodation choices. The 130 suites with balconies offer a space of approximately 22 m² for the main area and a balcony of 5 m². If you're looking for a sea view, there are 341 cabins with portholes. On the other hand, the 94 cabins with balconies provide a space of 13 m² and a balcony of 3.5 m². But if you prefer something simpler, the 351 interior options are ideal. Finally, there are 64 cabins with obstructed views. It's important to note that depending on the cabin type, there are certain amenities available, from the possibility of converting a double bed into two singles to specific options for individuals with reduced mobility.

The MSC Sinfonia is a cruise ship that balances technical innovation with comfort and enjoyment. Its specifications speak for themselves, showcasing a well-thought-out design oriented towards the well-being of the passengers. Undoubtedly, it's an option to consider for those seeking an unparalleled nautical experience.

Technical characteristics

MSC Sinfonia
Year built 2002
Beam 32 m
Length 275 m
Tonnage 65542 tn.
Velocity 21 knots
Passenger capacity 2679
Crew capacity 721
Ratio of crew per passenger 3.72
Decks 13
Cabins 980
Lifts 9
Nationality Panamá
Class Lirica

List of Restaurants

restaurantes MSC Sinfonia

Let's delve into a topic that, while it might seem trivial, holds great relevance for those considering embarking on a journey aboard the MSC Sinfonia by MSC Cruises: the culinary offering. In this aspect, the goal is not only to satisfy passengers' basic dietary needs but also to present an opportunity to explore culinary diversity that adds value to the journey itself.

Technical factors to consider When discussing restaurants on a cruise ship, various technical variables such as capacity (number of seats), surface area (in square meters), and the deck where they are located should be taken into account. These technical details can influence your experience, as they affect elements like waiting time, comfort level, and accessibility.

General information about the restaurants The MSC Sinfonia features four main restaurants. In terms of surface area, Caffè del Mare is the largest with 968 m², followed by La Terrazza Buffet with 710 m². As for capacity, Il Galeone leads with 1,039 seats, a relevant detail to consider, as a higher number of seats could imply smoother service flow, although it might also result in a more bustling atmosphere.

List of restaurants with brief information about each one:

  • Caffè del Mare: Located on deck 11 (Debussy), this restaurant boasts a surface area of 968 m² and offers 364 seats. Its culinary offering focuses on grilling, pizza, and, of course, it has a bar. The type of cuisine offered and its location on an upper deck make it a versatile option for more casual meals.
  • Il Covo: This restaurant is situated on deck 6 (Mozart) and has a surface area of 583 m². It can accommodate 353 guests. It stands out for being located on the upper deck and providing an ambiance that could be considered more private than other restaurants on the cruise.
  • Il Galeone: Located on deck 5 (Beethoven), with a surface area of 600 m² and 1,039 seats. It is the restaurant with the highest number of seats on the cruise. This is reflected in its operation, which can cater to a large number of diners, while also offering a more social and bustling experience.
  • La Terrazza Buffet: Also situated on deck 11 (Debussy), it has a surface area of 710 m² and offers 285 seats. As the name suggests, it is a self-service buffet and also features a bar. The buffet tends to be a quick option for those who don't want to spend time at a table service.
Name Type Food Cost
Marketplace Buffet & Restaurant Autoservicio Buffet
Restaurante Principal (MSC) Mesa Incluido

Bars and Lounges Listings

Traveling on a cruise like the MSC Sinfonia is much more than just being carried away by the waves and sea breeze. It's also about immersing oneself in a unique experience that thrives on spaces for socialization and entertainment. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at the bars and lounges that this ship has to offer. While we could discuss their stylish design, ambiance, and variety of available drinks and cocktails, we'll focus on what makes each space unique in terms of functionality and atmosphere.

General information about the bars and lounges

With capacities ranging from just a few dozen people to hundreds, the bars and lounges on the MSC Sinfonia are spread across different decks of the ship, each with its own personality and purpose. Some are located in quieter areas, ideal for reading or quiet conversation, while others are situated in high-traffic and activity zones, such as the pool or near the dance floors. Some spaces are also multipurpose, combining functions such as being a bar and a reading room, or a café and a stage for live music.

In terms of surface area, there's also interesting variability, ranging from compact spaces barely reaching 50 m² to areas that expand over 2,000 m². This demonstrates adaptability and flexibility of spaces, allowing travelers to choose according to their preferences and current needs.

List of bars and lounges on MSC Sinfonia

Below, we present a list of the bars and lounges you can find aboard the MSC Sinfonia, briefly detailing their characteristics:

  • Ambassador - Located on deck 5 Beethoven. With a capacity for 15 people and a surface area of 50 m², this is the ideal place for tobacco enthusiasts, as it's a smoking lounge.
  • Buddha bar - On deck 6 Mozart, accommodating 91 people with a surface area of 210 m². This is a piano bar perfect for enjoying live soft music.
  • Café le Baroque - Also on deck 6 Mozart. With a capacity for 94 people and a surface area of 295 m², this space functions as both a bar and a café.
  • Manhattan bar - Situated on deck 5 Beethoven. It can host up to 224 people in its 600 m² space. It stands out as a bar with live music and a dance floor.
  • Shelagh's house - On the same deck as the Manhattan bar but with a completely different ambiance. With a capacity for 114 people and a surface area of 376 m², this is an Irish-style pub bar.
  • Sinfonia lounge & library - Located on deck 6 Mozart, it can accommodate 70 people and has a surface area of 319 m². This multifunctional space includes a bar, stage for shows, reading area, and dance floor.
  • Capri bar - This is the giant of the list. Located in an outdoor area with a surface area of 2,364 m², the Capri bar is a poolside bar that also offers an ice cream parlor and a Vitamin bar.

The range of bars and lounges on the MSC Sinfonia is so varied that it's easy to find a space that suits what you're looking for: from a quiet corner for reading to a lively spot for dancing. Each bar and lounge has its own characteristics in terms of size, location, and functionality, elements that contribute to defining the atmosphere and experience within them. Studying these features can be an excellent way to plan how to make the most of your time on board.

What to do in MSC Sinfonia?

listado de servicios MSC Sinfonia

One might think that a cruise trip is only about relaxing, enjoying the ocean, and savoring good food. However, as we delve into the rich offering of the MSC Sinfonia, we realize that the experience transcends those initial expectations. The onboard activities are so diverse that it could be said that, for many, the true journey begins when they step onto the ship.

General information about activities on MSC Sinfonia

As one of the most iconic ships in the MSC fleet, the Sinfonia is a collection of experiences waiting to be discovered. Let's explore some of its standout areas. From classic theater entertainment to specialized zones for the youngest passengers, the MSC Sinfonia leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering its passengers variety and diversity.

Entertainment and Shops

One can start their journey at the Galleria Mazzini or the Gallery, both ideal for those seeking accessories such as sunglasses, watches, and jewelry. Not far away is the Jewellery Shop, where, as the name suggests, passengers can admire luxury jewelry and accessories. For those interested in fashion, the Shop is the place to go.

In terms of entertainment, there's the San Carlo Theater, where you can enjoy theatrical shows and lectures. Then, those looking for some action can visit the Sanremo Casino with table games and slot machines. But what if you prefer dancing? Well, the Pasha Club Disco awaits you with its dance floor and bar. For photography enthusiasts, the Photo Gallery is a must-visit. You can not only purchase photos but also admire the work of the onboard photographers.

Areas for Kids and Teens

The MSC Sinfonia doesn't forget the younger guests. Areas like the Baby Club, Junior Club, Mini Club, Teen Club, Young Club, and the Video Games Arcade offer various activities and spaces designed specifically according to age groups, from LEGO® games to more traditional arcades.

Wellness and Sports

For those looking to take care of themselves during the journey, the ship offers several beauty services like Beauty Services, Jean Louis David Hair Salon, Manicure & Pedicure, Massages & Treatments, Medi Spa, and more. For the more active, they can visit the MSC Gym powered by Technogym®, or relax in the Thermal Area. And if they want to get a tan, the Solarium and the Top 13 Exclusive Solarium are ideal. On the other hand, sports enthusiasts can enjoy the Golf Simulator, Minigolf, Power Walking Track, Shuffleboard, and the Sport Center, which includes tennis, basketball, volleyball, and indoor football courts.

Aquatic Zones

Last but not least, for those seeking refreshment or just looking to have a good time in the water, the Doremi Spray Park and Le Piscine offer pool areas suitable for everyone.

List of highlighted activities on MSC Sinfonia

  • Galleria Mazzini and Gallery: Sunglasses, watches, and jewelry.
  • Teatro San Carlo: Theatrical shows and lectures.
  • Sanremo Casino: Table games, slot machines, and bar.
  • Pasha Club Disco: Disco and bar.
  • Baby Club and Junior Club: Dedicated areas for the little ones with games.
  • MSC Gym powered by Technogym®: Cardio equipment and weight machines.
  • Thermal Area: Relaxation area with steam baths and heated benches.
  • Top 13 Exclusive Solarium: Solarium and whirlpool.
  • Golf Simulator and Minigolf: Guaranteed fun for golf enthusiasts.
  • Sport Center: Tennis, basketball, volleyball, and indoor football courts.
  • Doremi Spray Park and Le Piscine: Water areas for cooling off.

The MSC Sinfonia is a world full of activities and experiences. Every corner of the ship offers something new and exciting for passengers to make the most of their journey. It's a reminder that sometimes the journey can be as thrilling and enriching as the destination itself.

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