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275 m
32 m

What does MSC Lirica offer?

Let's talk about what the MSC Lirica cruise ship, belonging to MSC Cruises, brings with it. Let's not be swayed by first impressions, but rather delve into understanding its technical specifications and how they can impact the traveler's experience.

When you hear "MSC Lirica," the first thing that might come to mind is a huge ship, but how huge? We've got the data!

First and foremost, this ship was built in 2003, and although some time has passed since then, don't be fooled, it remains a gem. Its nationality is recognized as Panama. As for its measurements and capacity, well, that's where things get interesting. With a length of 275 meters and a beam of 32 meters, you can get an idea of its size. If we focus on its 13 decks, 9 of which are dedicated to passenger use, the ship offers ample space to explore and enjoy.

The Lirica boasts an impressive tonnage of 65,591 and reaches speeds of up to 22 knots. Although it might not seem like it, this means that the ship can move quite swiftly compared to others of its kind. And if you're wondering about its interior movement, it has a total of 9 elevators that facilitate mobility.

As for capacity, we're talking about accommodating 2,679 passengers. That's nearly the same number as a small town in many places. But let's not forget about the crew! A good number of professionals are needed to keep everything running smoothly, and the Lirica has around 721 crew members on board.

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Now, let's imagine we're planning a night out within the ship. This is where the variety of options shines. There's a total of 5 restaurants and an equal number of bars, which means there's a variety to choose from based on your preferences. For lovers of the performing arts, THE BROADWAY THEATRE, with a capacity of 713 people, is located on decks 5 and 6, while those looking to dance the night away can head to THE BLUE CLUB DISCO on deck 12.

Let's delve into the cabin details, as it's important to consider where we'll rest after a day full of activities. We have several options, starting with balcony suites, which offer around 22.5 m² of interior space and 4.5 m² of balcony space. If you prefer a sea view without a balcony, there are porthole cabins of varying sizes, including some with obstructed views. Let's not forget the interior cabins, ideal for those who prefer privacy and don't require panoramic views.

And if we focus on safety and care, there's no problem. The ship features an excursion office on deck 5, a medical center on deck 4, and, of course, a reception and customer care area on deck 5. In summary, the MSC Lirica is prepared to address and respond to any needs that may arise during the journey.

Technical characteristics

MSC Lirica
Year built 2003
Beam 32 m
Length 275 m
Tonnage 65591 tn.
Velocity 22 knots
Passenger capacity 2679
Crew capacity 721
Ratio of crew per passenger 3,72
Decks 13
Cabins 992
Lifts 9
Nationality Panamá
Class Lirica

List of Restaurants

restaurantes MSC Lirica

Let's start with a bit of dockside conversation. Talking about the MSC Lirica cruise ship is delving into a varied culinary experience capable of captivating even the most discerning palates. But let's take it step by step, as the chef would say while carving their star dish. In cruises, and the MSC Lirica is no exception, gastronomy plays a fundamental role. It's not just about feeding oneself; it's a complete experience: from the ambiance of the venue, through the presentation of the dishes, to the flavor that lingers after that last bite.

From what we've seen, the MSC Lirica offers a wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes. For this reason, we believe it's convenient to provide a technical overview of each one, so that when you're on board, you'll know exactly where to head based on your cravings that day.

General information about the restaurants:

The MSC Lirica boasts different restaurants, each with its own specialty, ambiance, and location. Moreover, the sizes vary, so you can find both more intimate spaces and larger lounges for sharing with a larger number of people.

List of restaurants with brief information on each:

  • L'IPPOCAMPO: Located on the upper deck, specifically on Puccini Deck 6, this restaurant covers an area of 583 m², allowing it to accommodate 406 people. Despite being one of the more intimate spaces on the ship, its design ensures a comfortable and seamless experience.
  • LA BUSSOLA: Found on Verdi Deck 5, this is the lower deck restaurant. With a total area of 1,065 m², it can host up to 950 people. Ideal for those seeking a more bustling atmosphere while maintaining a sophisticated touch.
  • LA PERGOLA: With its 968 m² area, it's situated on Vivaldi Deck 11. A versatile space that includes a grill, pizzeria, and bar. Able to accommodate 262 people, it offers varied options for those who enjoy a more informal yet equally delicious meal.
  • LE BISTROT: Also located on Vivaldi Deck 11, it covers an area of 710 m² and can accommodate up to 324 people. It's characterized by being a self-service buffet, but that doesn't mean options or quality are lacking. Additionally, it features a bar for those looking for a cocktail or refreshing drink.
  • KAITO SUSHI BAR: For enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine, the MSC Lirica offers this special corner on Rossini Deck 12. With a precise area of 40 m², it's a much more intimate space designed to host 40 people. Ideal for those seeking an oriental culinary experience on board.

Finally, we'd like to highlight that all these restaurants are designed to offer different experiences on board the MSC Lirica. Whether you're looking for a more relaxed and casual ambiance at LA PERGOLA or a more formal dinner at L'IPPOCAMPO, there's a gastronomic corner for you on this cruise. It all comes down to what you're in the mood for at that moment, and luckily, the options are diverse and well thought out. From our perspective, we recommend trying them all; after all, each restaurant has its own essence and offers a chance to savor different culinary experiences.

Name Type Food Cost
Kaito Sushi Bar Mesa Japanese
Marketplace Buffet & Restaurant Autoservicio Buffet
Restaurante Principal (MSC) Mesa Incluido
L'Atelier Bistrot Mesa French

Bars and Lounges Listings

Before embarking on the wonderful journey offered by the MSC Lirica Cruise, we believe it's essential to introduce one of the features that often enhances travelers' experiences: its bars and lounges. In this voyage, it's not just the horizon that dazzles, but also those specially designed spaces for enjoying unique and relaxing moments—a detail that makes all the difference. And hey, it's not about promotion, we just love the idea of sharing what we find useful and relevant.

Bars and Lounges on MSC Lirica

If you stop to think about it, the bars and lounges on a cruise are not mere places to have a drink. They are gathering points, spaces to share anecdotes of the day, places to disconnect while reading a book with the sound of the sea in the background, or simply to enjoy music and ambiance. On the MSC Lirica, every corner has been thoughtfully crafted to contribute something unique to the journey.

Are you someone who enjoys a good conversation in a peaceful setting? Then the piano bar will surely catch your interest. Or perhaps you prefer the idea of a more traditional British-style atmosphere? In that case, make a note of the English pub. But wait, there's more. If you're a coffee enthusiast, you're in luck, because this cruise hasn't forgotten about you. And, of course, for those seeking relaxation by the pool with a refreshing drink, there are options for you too. Now, let's get to the heart of the matter and provide the details of what you'll find and where.

List of Bars and Lounges on MSC Lirica

  • L'Atmosphère Piano Bar: Located on Puccini Deck 6. With an area of 260 m², this space can accommodate 75 people. It's the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed ambiance, accompanied by the sound of piano keys.
  • Lord Nelson Pub: On Verdi Deck 5, you'll come across this 300 m² corner that can host up to 144 people. A pub in the true English style where you can enjoy a pint while chatting with friends or family.
  • The Beverly Hills Bar: Also on Verdi Deck 5, with an extensive area of 902 m² and the capacity for 239 people. This is another piano bar, ideal for moments when you're seeking a more sophisticated and relaxed ambiance.
  • The Coffee Corner: If you head to Puccini Deck 6, you'll find this 245 m² space designed to accommodate 100 coffee lovers. It's not just a bar; it's a corner to savor those little liquid gems we enjoy so much.
  • La Canzone del Mare: This is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive spaces. Situated on Vivaldi Deck 11, it covers 2,364 m² and can accommodate 146 people. Here, you'll find not only a poolside bar but also an ice cream parlor and a Vitamin bar, perfect for refreshing yourself on warmer days.

What to do in MSC Lirica?

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When you embark on the MSC Lirica, a world of possibilities opens up before your eyes. From shops for shopping enthusiasts to recreation spaces for the youngest members of the family, the ship offers a wide range of experiences. And that's not to mention the bars, relaxation areas, and sports facilities.

On Puccini Deck, for example, you'll find diverse places such as the Casino VIP Lounge and La Galleria, where enthusiasts of watches and jewelry can indulge themselves. Additionally, the Piano Bar L'Atmosphère is the perfect spot to enjoy a melody at the end of the day. And for those seeking more action, the Las Vegas Casino and Le Cabaret offer games and music, respectively. To capture moments, the Photo Gallery is the gathering point. And what about the kids? We haven't forgotten them. With the Baby Club, Mini Club, and Junior Club, hours of fun are guaranteed.

On Verdi Deck, places like the Card Room, Library & Internet Café provide a tranquil space for reading or playing chess, and shops like Fashion Jewellery, Fashion Watches, and MSC Shop are destinations for those seeking that special keepsake.

For those looking to take care of themselves and indulge, the Thermal Area and Medi Spa on Vivaldi Deck are ideal places to relax and rejuvenate.

List of Highlighted Activities on MSC Lirica

  • Boutique: A space to find sunglasses, clothing for all ages.
  • Card Room, Library & Internet Café: Where reading, technology, and board games merge.
  • La Galleria: For lovers of watches, accessories, and jewelry.
  • Las Vegas Casino: Featuring table games, slot machines, and a bar for enjoyment.
  • The Blue Club Disco: The place for night owls, with music, dancing, and drinks.
  • The Broadway Theatre: Where art takes the stage with shows and lectures.
  • Baby Club: Designed for the little ones, with a specialized area for babies.
  • MSC Gym powered by Technogym: For those looking to stay fit, with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Top 13 Exclusive Solarium: An adults-only solarium, perfect for relaxation and sunbathing.
  • Adventure Golf: A mini golf to challenge skills and have an entertaining time.
  • Le Piscine: A space to cool off with two pool areas.
  • Doremi Spray Park: A pool area designed for kids, where fun is guaranteed.

The MSC Lirica offers a multitude of activities and places to discover. Whatever your preference or who you're traveling with, there's a space or activity that will suit your needs. Because, at the end of the day, a cruise is a unique experience, and on the MSC Lirica, that experience is lived to the fullest.

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