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What does MSC Orchestra offer?

When it comes to discussing cruises, the choice of a ship can be as vital as the destination you're heading to. In this regard, the MSC Orchestra, a ship from the MSC Cruises' Musica class, brings its own unique features that deserve a closer look. With that in mind, let's delve into the technical details and specifications of the MSC Orchestra to provide a comprehensive overview of what passengers can expect.

To begin with, the ship was constructed in 2007 and flies the flag of Panama. With a tonnage of 92,409 and a maximum speed of 22.90 knots, the MSC Orchestra is definitely a significant presence on the high seas. This cruise ship has a length of 293.80 meters and a beam of 32.20 meters, providing ample space to accommodate 3,223 passengers and approximately 940 crew members.

With 16 decks, out of which 13 are dedicated to passengers, and 13 elevators, getting around within the ship is quite manageable. The electrical voltage in the cabins is 110/220 volts, something to consider if you plan on bringing your own electronic devices. Additionally, the ship features two fin stabilizers to ensure a smoother voyage.

Dining and relaxation options are plentiful on the MSC Orchestra, with 4 restaurants and 10 bars scattered throughout the ship. There are also a variety of leisure and entertainment facilities, including the Covent Garden Theatre, with a capacity of 1,240 people; R32 Disco, which can accommodate up to 172 people; and The Savannah Bar, with a capacity of 477 people. The ship also offers facilities such as the Medical Center, located on Deck 9 with an area of 230 m², and the Excursions Office, situated on Deck 7, with 73 m².

Reception and customer service have an allocated space of 250 m² on Deck 5, with the evocative name Pianoforte, just like many other areas of the ship that bear names related to musical instruments, an ode to its belonging to the Musica class.

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For passengers, there are 1,275 cabins, including 17 designed for individuals with reduced mobility or disabilities. In terms of choice, you can opt for cabins with balconies, suites, ocean views, or interiors. Sizes vary considerably, ranging from 14 m² in an interior cabin to 40 m² in some more spacious cabins. All these rooms come with standard amenities such as air conditioning, ample closet space, a bathroom with a shower or bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, Wi-Fi connection (for a fee), minibar, and a safe.

When it comes to accessibility, the MSC Orchestra takes the needs of all its passengers seriously. Cabins adapted for individuals with reduced mobility or disabilities feature wider doors and adapted bathrooms with grab bars and foldable seats in the shower. Additionally, the ship offers a limited number of wheelchairs for boarding, disembarking, and emergencies. All common spaces are accessible, although it's worth noting that not all lifeboats are wheelchair accessible.

As for sustainability, the MSC Orchestra employs an energy-saving and monitoring system, reflecting a growing environmental awareness in the cruise industry. Even though the ship was built in 2007, these technological updates are vital to staying relevant in an era where sustainability is increasingly important for travelers.

Technical characteristics

MSC Orchestra
Year built 2007
Beam 32 m
Length 294 m
Tonnage 92409 tn.
Velocity 23 knots
Passenger capacity 3223
Crew capacity 940
Ratio of crew per passenger 3,43
Decks 16
Cabins 1275
Lifts 13
Nationality Panamá
Class Musica

List of Restaurants

restaurantes MSC Orchestra

One of the most intriguing aspects of any cruise is undoubtedly the culinary offering. In the case of the MSC Orchestra, one of MSC Cruises' vessels, this aspect is no exception. Here, culinary diversity and comfort synergize, providing a rich and varied gastronomic experience catering to all tastes and preferences.

General Information about the Restaurants on Board

It's crucial to understand that the ship is designed to provide a complete gastronomic experience, ranging from fine dining to more relaxed options. Therefore, the variety of onboard restaurants encompasses different culinary cultures, approaches, and atmospheres.

For those seeking a more formal experience, the upper deck restaurant L'Ibiscus offers a reserved ambiance and tends to feature more sophisticated gastronomy. On the other hand, for those who prefer a more casual environment, La Piazzetta & Four Seasons offers a wide range of options, including a buffet and a pizzeria, where the atmosphere is much more relaxed.

If your palate craves flavors from around the world, Shanghai, with its focus on oriental cuisine, allows you to immerse yourself in a different culinary universe without leaving the ship. Lastly, for those desiring an experience that combines elegance with an extensive menu, the lower deck restaurant Villa Borghese is the perfect place.

List of Restaurants on the MSC Orchestra

1. L'Ibiscus Restaurant

Upper Deck Restaurant: This space, located on the top of the ship, is characterized by offering more refined gastronomy. Here, you can expect a range of dishes, from seafood starters to high-quality meats, all in an ambiance that invites you to savor every bite. Due to its more formal focus, it's ideal for special dinners or moments when you're seeking a quieter space.

2. La Piazzetta & Four Seasons Buffet Restaurant, Pizzeria

This is the place for those seeking variety and swiftness. With a buffet that's constantly refreshed and an Italian-style pizzeria, here you can enjoy a more laid-back meal without sacrificing quality. Its casual atmosphere makes it an excellent choice for families and groups of friends.

3. Shanghai Oriental Restaurant

The offering at this restaurant centers around Asian dishes, especially those stemming from Chinese cuisine. From dumplings to noodle and rice dishes, the variety here is notable. Additionally, the atmosphere has also been carefully crafted to align with the theme, offering a small Oriental escape within the ship itself.

4. Villa Borghese Lower Deck Restaurant

Situated on the lower part of the ship, this restaurant offers a blend of fine dining and tradition. Its menu is diverse, allowing you to relish both international dishes and Italian gastronomic classics like pasta and risottos. Its ambiance, though elegant, is cozy, making it an ideal spot for various types of diners.

The culinary offering aboard the MSC Orchestra provides a comprehensive and varied dining experience, catering to various preferences and occasions. From more formal settings to more relaxed and diverse options, each onboard restaurant has its own personality and offering, ensuring that every diner finds something that suits their tastes and needs.

Name Type Food Cost
Marketplace Buffet & Restaurant Autoservicio Buffet
Restaurante Principal (MSC) Mesa Incluido

Bars and Lounges Listings

When we discuss the cruise experience, one of the aspects we can't overlook is entertainment and gastronomy, which often intertwine in the various bars and lounges on board. Diversity in the offering is essential to meet passengers' expectations, ranging from the most discerning to those seeking a more relaxed and casual atmosphere. In this article, we'll delve into the bars and lounges offered by the MSC Orchestra cruise ship from MSC Cruises in detail, so you'll have a clear idea of what awaits you in this floating environment.

One aspect to note about the MSC Orchestra is the attention to theming in each of the spaces. In this regard, music plays a crucial role. Each bar or lounge features a musical instrument that characterizes it, from the pianoforte in the reception bar to the saxophone that sets the tone in the smoking room. This detail adds another layer to the experience, making it more immersive and complete.

The variety of atmospheres is also noteworthy. You'll find everything from bars specializing in wines to lounges with dance floors and live shows. Furthermore, the capacity range of the bars and lounges varies considerably, from more intimate spaces accommodating around 33 passengers to larger lounges capable of hosting over 900 people.

List of Bars and Lounges on the MSC Orchestra

  • L'incontro Bar: Located on Deck 5, this reception bar has a capacity of 200 to 400 people. Its distinctive element is the pianoforte, creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • La Cantinella: This space on Deck 7 is a wine bar with a capacity of 120 to 300 people. The saxophone is the instrument characterizing it, adding a sophisticated note to the experience.
  • La Cubana: Also on Deck 7, this is a more exclusive space with a smoking room, bar, and liquor store. It has a capacity of 33 to 140 people, and the saxophone gives it a special touch.
  • The Amber Bar: Located on Deck 6, this space functions as a coffee shop and has a capacity of 160 to 500 people. The violin adds a touch of elegance to the place.
  • The Purple Bar: Also on Deck 6, this is an aperitif bar with a capacity for 44 to 190 people. The violin is the instrument accompanying the ambiance.
  • The Savannah Bar: With a capacity of 477 to 920 people on Deck 6, this space offers a bar, live music, and a dance floor. The violin sets the mood.
  • The Shaker Lounge: This is one of the larger spaces, with a capacity of 330 to 850 people on Deck 7. It offers a bar, shows, live music, and a dance floor, and it's themed with the saxophone.
  • Zaffiro Bar: This aperitif bar on Deck 6 has a capacity of 44 to 190 people. The violin is the instrument adding to the experience.
  • Barracuda Bar: This is the poolside bar located on Deck 13. The mandolin provides the ambient note. Its capacity is more limited, ideal for a cozier environment.
  • El Sombrero Bar: Also on Deck 13, this space functions as a bar and ice cream parlor, with the mandolin as the ambient instrument. It's a perfect option for warm days.

Each bar and lounge on the MSC Orchestra offers a unique atmosphere, thanks to a carefully curated selection of music and theming. Whether you're looking for a space to relax with a book and a coffee or a livelier spot to enjoy music and dance, you'll find an option that suits your preferences. And remember, on a cruise, time is always elastic, so there's always a chance to try something new.

What to do in MSC Orchestra?

listado de servicios MSC Orchestra

While people often think of a cruise as simply sailing from port to port, those of us who have experienced it know that the ship itself can be a destination in its own right. And the MSC Orchestra is no exception.

General Information about Activities on the MSC Orchestra

The diversity of onboard activities on the MSC Orchestra is truly impressive. From shops to children's play areas to sports facilities, the ship has been designed to meet the expectations of all passengers.

For those looking to acquire some souvenirs, the onboard shops offer a variety of items, from leather goods in the Accessories Shop to perfumes and cosmetics in Cipria. And if you appreciate art, the Art Arcade provides an opportunity to enjoy a selection of works in its gallery.

If you're traveling with children, dedicated play areas for kids and teenagers ensure that everyone has fun. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy a relaxing moment in the solarium or an exciting night at the casino. Additionally, for fitness enthusiasts, the sports facilities and the state-of-the-art-equipped gym promise to keep everyone in shape even during vacation.

List of Highlighted Activities on the MSC Orchestra

  • Accessories Shop (35 m², Deck 6 Violino): Bags, belts, and leather goods.
  • Art Arcade (200 m², Deck 7 Saxofono): Art gallery.
  • Card Room (28 m², Deck 7 Saxofono): Game room.
  • Covent Garden Theatre (1240 m², Decks 6 Violino/7 Saxofono): Theatrical shows and lectures.
  • Internet Café (128 m², Deck 7 Saxofono): Internet connection point with 19 stations.
  • Library (10 m², Deck 7 Saxofono): Library and reading room.
  • Palm Beach Casino (190 m², Deck 7 Saxofono): Casino with an adjacent bar.
  • Photo Gallery (224 m², Deck 7 Saxofono): Photo gallery.
  • R32 Disco (140 m², Deck 14 Chitarra): Disco with a bar.
  • Baby Club Indoor Playroom (68 m², Deck 14 Chitarra): Indoor playroom for children under 3 years old.
  • Children Outdoor Pool & Games (130 m², Deck 14 Chitarra): Outdoor play area with a children's pool.
  • MSC Gym powered by Technogym (Deck 13 Mandolino): State-of-the-art cardio equipment, weight machines, and more.
  • Minigolf (54 m², Deck 15 Xilofono): Minigolf.
  • Power Walking Track (575 m², Deck 14 Chitarra): 240m fast walking track.
  • Sport Center (474 m², Deck 16 Sport): Basketball, tennis, and volleyball court.
  • Acapulco (1300 m², Deck 13 Mandolino) and Cala Blanca (1600 m², Deck 13 Mandolino): Pool areas.

These are just a few of the activities and facilities offered onboard the MSC Orchestra. Best of all, no matter your tastes or interests, there's something for everyone. So, as the ship sails towards your next destination, a whole world of options is waiting to be discovered onboard.

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