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What does MSC Divina offer?

For lovers of life on the high seas, thoroughly knowing the ship they embark on is fundamental. And when we talk about the MSC Divina from the Fantasia Class, there's a lot to talk about. Built in the year 2012 and flying the Panamanian flag, this cruise ship has a maximum capacity of 4345 passengers and an approximate crew of 1751 people. Let's discover what makes it a choice worthy of technical inspection.

One of the first things that captures attention about the MSC Divina is its size. With a length of 333 meters and a beam of 38 meters, we're talking about a post-Panamax ship, which means it has been designed to navigate wider channels and straits than the Panama Canal. Its gross tonnage is 139,072 tons, and it covers a total area of 450,000 m², including 27,000 m² of common spaces.

When it comes to moving around the ship, there are 26 elevators, out of which 17 are for passengers, including 2 panoramic elevators and one specifically for the MSC Yacht Club area. This layout ensures smooth transit among the 18 decks, 14 of which are accessible to passengers.

The ship operates with an electrical voltage of 110/220 volts in the cabins and reaches a maximum speed of approximately 23.75 knots. It incorporates stabilizers with two fins that optimize navigation and reduce rolling.

An issue that concerns many travelers is the environmental impact. The MSC Divina incorporates AWT (Advanced Water Treatment) environmental technology, as well as an energy-saving and monitoring system. All of this under the Clean Ship 2 standard, which seeks to minimize environmental impact.

For passenger comfort, the cruise offers 6 restaurants and 13 bars. You don't need to be a genius to deduce that the culinary options are varied, ranging from international cuisine to specialized menus.

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The accommodation options are diverse. There are several choices within the MSC Yacht Club, such as 2 Royal Suites, 3 Executive and Family Suites, and 62 Deluxe Suites. All of them offer balconies and panoramic views and can convert the double bed into two twin beds. Outside the Yacht Club, there are 1016 Balcony Cabins, 113 Ocean View cabins, and 392 Interior Cabins. Each type comes with standard amenities like air conditioning, spacious wardrobe, bathroom with shower or bathtub, interactive TV, telephone, Wi-Fi connection (for a fee), minibar, and safe.

For passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility, the ship offers 45 adapted cabins with doors measuring 81.5 cm wide and bathrooms with doors measuring 90 cm wide. These cabins feature safety and convenience systems such as foldable seats in the showers and grab bars near the toilets. The elevators have visual, audio, and Braille indicators. However, it's worth mentioning that the lifeboats are not wheelchair accessible.

And if you feel like taking a dip? You can choose from 4 pools, including one with a retractable roof and another specifically for the MSC Yacht Club. 12 hot tubs are also available.

Technical characteristics

MSC Divina
Year built 2012
Beam 38 m
Length 333 m
Tonnage 139072 tn.
Velocity 24 knots
Passenger capacity 4345
Crew capacity 1751
Ratio of crew per passenger 2,48
Decks 18
Cabins 1751
Lifts 26
Nationality Panamá
Class Fantasia

List of Restaurants

restaurantes MSC Divina

When it comes to embarking on a journey aboard the MSC Divina, it's inevitable to talk about the variety and originality of its culinary options. This ship, more than just a vessel, becomes a showcase of global gastronomy. Let's not beat around the bush, choosing a restaurant on a cruise can be an experience as memorable as the journey itself. So, let's break down everything you need to know about the restaurants on the MSC Divina.

General Information about the Restaurants Variety and quality are the two keywords we could use to describe the gastronomic profile of this cruise. From American steakhouses to international buffets, pizzerias, and bakeries, the offering is so diverse that you could dine in a different place every night without repeating an experience.

Another point to consider is the ambience of each restaurant. Some venues offer a more casual setting, perfect for a family dinner, while others specialize in more elegant or themed environments, ideal for special occasions. Moreover, some even feature live music and panoramic views.

List of Restaurants and Brief Description of Each One Below is a detailed tour of each of the restaurants on the MSC Divina. We hope this helps you plan your onboard gastronomic experience.

  • BUTCHER'S CUT: This American steakhouse goes beyond the conventional with its exclusive chef's table. Here, you can enjoy a premium selection of perfectly cooked meats.
  • CALUMET: This is a buffet restaurant with an extensive range of international options. Flexibility is its strength, as you can find everything from early breakfasts to late dinners.
  • GALAXY RESTAURANT: It's not just a restaurant, but also serves as a disco and bar. Ideal for those who want to enjoy lunch and then continue with entertainment.
  • MANITOU: Another buffet restaurant, but with its own peculiarities. It stands out for its variety of options and the quality of its ingredients.
  • THE BLACK CRAB: This is the main restaurant and spans two decks. Its menu ranges from classic dishes to more modern creations.
  • VILLA ROSSA: This panoramic restaurant offers spectacular views while you enjoy your meal. The menu is varied, but with a gourmet touch.
  • LA CANTINA DI BACCO: Here, you'll find a wine bar and pizzeria offering a unique selection of wines and wood-fired pizzas.
  • PIAZZA DEL DOGE: A small Venetian square in the middle of the ship. It offers live music and is ideal for tasting a variety of pastas, ice creams, and pastries.
  • SPORTS BAR: We couldn't forget the themed sports bar. With an area of 50 m2, it offers light meal options and features bowling lanes.

Understanding the array of options aboard the MSC Divina is key to maximizing your gastronomic experience. Each restaurant has its own peculiarities, from the ambiance to the menu and service hours. Choosing the right one can significantly enhance your cruise stay. Now that you're more familiar with the restaurant offerings on this ship, you can make a more informed choice. Consider your personal preferences and the type of experience you're looking for to fully enjoy the onboard cuisine.

Name Type Food Cost
Butcher’s Cut Mesa Steakhouse
Marketplace Buffet & Restaurant Autoservicio Buffet
MSC Yacht Club Restaurant Mesa Gourmet
Restaurante Principal (MSC) Mesa Incluido
Galaxy Kaito Mesa Asian

Bars and Lounges Listings

Experiencing a cruise isn't limited to shore excursions or ocean views; often, it's the ambiance of the ship that adds that extra dose of fun and relaxation. On the MSC Divina cruise by MSC Cruises, the offerings in this regard are diverse and well thought out. We delve into its bars and lounges to discover what options are available and what you can expect from each of them.

A Personalized Experience The bars and lounges on the MSC Divina are designed to cater to different styles and atmospheres, from the most relaxed to the most energetic. Are you a jazz enthusiast or do you prefer savoring a good coffee in a more intimate setting? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it on board.

Location of the bars: The bars and lounges are strategically distributed throughout the ship to ensure there's always one nearby, regardless of where you are.
Opening Hours: Open during a wide range of hours, allowing passengers to enjoy them practically at any time of the day.
Types of Drinks: From exotic cocktails to a selection of fine wines, the options are nearly infinite.

List of Bars and Lounges

To give you a clearer picture, here's a summary of the available bars and lounges:

  • Black & White Bar: This bar features shows, music, and a dance floor that livens up the atmosphere.
  • Caffè Italia: Situated in a quieter corner, it's the ideal place for a quality coffee.
  • Divina Bar: Located in the main lobby, it serves as a common meeting point and offers a wide range of drinks.
  • Golden Jazz Bar: As the name suggests, it's a jazz bar where you can enjoy live music in a cozy environment.
  • La Cantina di Bacco: A wine bar that also offers a pizzeria for lovers of this Italian dish.
  • La Luna: A piano bar that offers a serene atmosphere with live music.
  • Piazza del Doge: A corner with a Venetian vibe that offers live music, as well as pastries and ice cream.
  • Silver Lounge: Another lobby bar but with a focus more on cocktails and spirits.
  • Sports Bar: A sports-themed space with a 50 m2 bowling alley and a selection of snacks.
  • The Cigar Lounge: An exclusive lounge for smokers that also has a bar and liquor store.
  • Poseidon: A bar located near the Aqua Park for those who enjoy a drink in the open air.
  • The Garden Bar: Located near the aft pool, it's the perfect spot to relax with a refreshing drink.
  • Tritone: Another Aqua Park bar, but known for its ice cream offerings.

Among the specifics of the bars and lounges on the MSC Divina, it's worth highlighting that some of them, like The Cigar Lounge, offer a specialized space, in this case for smokers. This ensures that all passengers find a corner that suits their preferences.

Moreover, the Sports Bar isn't just for grabbing a drink and watching sports; it also comes with a bowling alley. This is an interesting option for those seeking more than just sitting and drinking.

On the other hand, if you're looking to enjoy Italian gastronomy, both in drinks and food, La Cantina di Bacco offers a wine selection and a pizzeria that you can enjoy simultaneously.

What to do in MSC Divina?

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The cruise experience goes far beyond mere maritime transportation. On board the MSC Divina, you'll find a vast array of activities catering to all tastes and ages. From the youngest to the most seasoned travelers, there's something for everyone. In this article, we'll examine the various options available so you can effectively plan your days at sea.

Shopping and Galleries

Leather Goods: For those who love quality and elegance, there's a selection of bags, belts, and leather garments.

Luxury Jewelry and Accessories: A corner for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their attire.

Sunglasses, Watches, and Jewelry: Here, you'll find everything from functional to sophisticated accessories.

Perfumes and Cosmetics: A wide range of fragrances and beauty products are available.

Clothing for All: Sections dedicated to men's, women's, and children's clothing.

MSC Logo Items and Toys: To take home a tangible memory of your cruise experience.

Restaurants and Bars: Whether for a formal dinner or a more relaxed meal, there are several restaurant and bar options.

Spa Bar: Here, you can savor cocktails specially designed to complement your relaxation experience.

Piano Bar: A tranquil ambiance where live music becomes the perfect companion to a good drink.

Theater and Shows: Different nightly programs include live music, theatrical performances, and lectures.

Casino: For those who enjoy calculated risk, the casino is an excellent option.

Conference Room and Library: Spaces dedicated to education and knowledge, ideal for those seeking a quiet time for reading or learning.

Art Gallery: A space dedicated to visual culture, showcasing works by various artists.

Shop and Photo Gallery: For those who want to take home a visual memory of their journey.

15 PC Internet Connection Point: For those who need to stay connected, the cruise offers an area with computers and internet access.

Virtual Formula 1 Simulator: A unique experience for motor enthusiasts.

Cardio Equipment and Weight Machines: Stay fit even during your vacation with state-of-the-art facilities.

Spa Treatments: From massages to facials, including thalassotherapy and acupuncture.

Play Areas and Pools: Various areas are dedicated to the little ones, including a main pool with fountains and water jets.

Teen Area (12 - 17 years old) and Kids' Area (under 12 years old): Spaces specially designed to entertain the younger ones.

Video Game Room: An area dedicated to video games, sure to be enjoyed by teenagers and young adults.

Pool with Retractable Dome and Bar: A pool that can be enjoyed in any weather thanks to its retractable dome, and it also features a bar.

Bowling, Basketball, Tennis Court, Volleyball: Various sports activities to burn those extra calories.

Sauna, Steam Baths, Frigidarium, Relaxation Room: Different environments for different levels of relaxation.

Shuffleboard and 235 m Fast Walking Track: Ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Solarium, Whirlpool Bath: For adults only, a space for relaxation and well-being.

Our Yoga Instructor at MSC Aurea Spa: An introduction to yoga for those interested in this discipline.

Water Slide for Teens: Because the younger ones also deserve some action and fun.

Candy and Sweets Shop: To indulge in a sweet treat in the middle of the ocean.

The MSC Divina offers an extensive variety of activities to make your journey a complete experience. From shopping and gastronomic options to sports and wellness treatments, the possibilities are abundant and diversified. Now that you know what awaits you on board, you can plan your days at sea to make the most of each moment.

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