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293 m
32 m

What does Radiance of the Seas offer?

When one mentions navigation, we immediately envision the sound of the sea, the wind caressing our faces, and the sensation of adventure. One of the ships that embodies this adventurous spirit is the Radiance of the Seas by Royal Caribbean.

The date on which this ship first touched the waters was in 2001. If we take a look at the place of its birth, we discover that it was built at the prestigious Meyerwerft Yard shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. And here's an interesting fact: the first time this ship set sail on an official journey was on April 7, 2001. On that day, under the witness of its godmother, Margot L. Pritzker, the inaugural voyage of the Radiance of the Seas took place.

Like many other vessels of this caliber, the Radiance of the Seas proudly flies the flag of the Bahamas. This piece of information, though technical, reminds us that each ship, regardless of where it sets off or docks, has a legal home.

Now, let's talk about numbers, which are essential to understand the magnitude of this cruise ship. It has a length (or overall length, for those not familiar with maritime terms) of 293 meters. Imagine, almost three soccer fields lined up. Its beam (or width) is 32 meters, and it has a draft of 28 feet.

And well, speaking of impressive numbers, its tonnage is 90,090 GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage). This gives an idea of the capacity and size of the ship. Moving at a cruising speed of 25 knots, it's no surprise that this ship reaches its destinations efficiently.

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Let's move on to the spaces of the ship. The Radiance of the Seas features 13 decks in total, with 12 of them dedicated to passengers. If you're thinking about getting around these decks, there are 9 passenger elevators ready to make your journey more comfortable.

As for passenger capacity, this cruise ship can accommodate 2,466 people. Each of these passengers can rely on exceptional service, with a crew of 894 members ready to attend to their needs. In fact, when it comes to spaces for rest and relaxation, there are 1,071 cabins. Some of these offer panoramic views thanks to their 578 balconies. If you're concerned about variety, there are 247 exterior cabins and 246 interior cabins. Additionally, for those traveling in groups, 571 of these cabins are designed to accommodate a third or fourth person.

The culinary experience at sea is vital. On this cruise ship, one can choose from 10 restaurants, and if you're looking for something more relaxed to have a drink and enjoy a good conversation, there are 10 bars waiting for you.

But not everything on a cruise is about eating and resting. For those with a more active spirit, this ship offers a climbing wall and a nine-hole miniature golf course. If you're seeking a moment of relaxation and well-being, the Solarium, as well as the Vitality Spa & Fitness Center, are ideal spaces to reconnect with yourself and enjoy the journey.

Technical characteristics

Radiance of the Seas
Year built 2001
Beam 32 m
Length 293 m
Tonnage 90090 tn.
Velocity 25 knots
Passenger capacity 2466
Crew capacity 894
Ratio of crew per passenger 2.76
Decks 13
Cabins 1071
Lifts 9
Nationality Bahamas
Class Radiance

List of Restaurants

restaurantes Radiance of the Seas

If there's something truly special about a cruise, apart from its wonderful destinations and onboard entertainment, it's the culinary experience that awaits you in every corner of the ship. It's not just about satisfying hunger; it's about embarking on a unique gastronomic journey. So, if you're considering or have already chosen the Radiance of the Seas Cruise by Royal Caribbean, you need to know about the restaurants that await you.

Restaurants on the Radiance of the Seas Cruise

Can you imagine being able to travel the world without leaving your seat? Through the dishes offered on the Radiance of the Seas, you can achieve that. There are options for every palate, from the most sophisticated to those simply seeking a snack between activities.

Chef's Table: For those with an affinity for refined and exclusive flavors. It's a specialty experience designed for those seeking a top-tier culinary evening.

Café Latte-tudes: The break we all need. A place where you can relax with a cup of coffee and choose from a variety of sweets to accompany that moment of rest.

Windjammer: It's like traveling to different continents in one meal. A diversity of dishes that evoke various cultures and culinary traditions from around the world.

Samba Grill: Vibrant and bold Brazilian notes are present in every cut of meat served here. Ideal for those seeking a culinary experience full of flavor and tradition.

Izumi: It's the perfect spot for Asian cuisine enthusiasts. From freshly rolled sushi to other traditional dishes from the Far East, it's a must-stop for those wanting to experience those exquisite flavors.

Dog House: Simple but delicious. Here you'll find the perfect hot dog and can add whatever toppings you desire. It's a quick option for those seeking something light before continuing with their day.

Chops Grille: It's the place for those who appreciate good meat. With varied options ranging from traditional cuts to more exquisite ones.

Room Service: There are times when we simply want to enjoy food in the comfort of our own room. From morning breakfasts to late-night dinners, the variety offered by room service is incomparable.

Giovanni's Table: Every bite will transport you directly to Italy. With traditional recipes and authentic Old World flavors, it's ideal for lovers of Italian cuisine.

Park Café: For those seeking lighter and fresher options, this is the place. From salads to sandwiches, it's an ideal choice for a quick lunch or dinner.

Main Dining Room: The culinary heart of the cruise. With a menu that changes daily, it's the place where you can expect to find dishes that will make you come back time and time again.

Name Type Food Cost
Windjammer Autoservicio Buffet
Dog House Autoservicio American
Chops Grille Mesa Steakhouse
Park Cafe Autoservicio Incluido
Giovanni's Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Mesa Italian
Chef's Table Mesa Gourmet
Izumi Mesa Japanese
Samba Grill Mesa Brazil
Café Latte-tudes Autoservicio Cafe

Bars and Lounges Listings

The world of cruises is vast and varied, and as we delve into its nuances, one might think about details like cabins, onboard activities, or destinations. However, another aspect that captures the essence of life at sea is the bars and lounges. On the Radiance of the Seas Cruise by Royal Caribbean, each bar and lounge has its own history, character, and flavor, making each visit a unique experience.

The importance of a good relaxation space The value of a good bar or lounge on a cruise ship doesn't just lie in the drinks served but in the atmosphere created. It's the place where connections are woven, minds are relaxed, and the present moment is enjoyed. And no, it's not just about the cocktail in your hand, but about everything happening around you.

The bars and lounges of Radiance of the Seas Now, let's talk about the specific corners that Radiance of the Seas has designed for your delight and relaxation.

Schooner Bar: A space that invites relaxation, where cocktails blend with musical notes to provide a perfect evening. It's a sure choice for those seeking a rhythm-filled night.

Diamond Lounge: A corner designed for those loyal to Royal. It's not just about drinks and snacks; it's a space where exclusivity is breathed in with every surprise it offers.

Solarium Bar: Imagine a poolside haven, where each sip is a reminder of the tranquility of the sea. Here, every cocktail is savored with an unparalleled view and a calm ambiance.

Suite Lounge: When you think of serenity with a vibrant touch, this is the place. Described with a "hint of lime," it refers to its fresh and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Viking Crown Lounge: It's not just about enjoying good cocktails, but also immersing oneself in panoramic views. A space that combines the best of both worlds: drink and scenery.

English Pub: A corner where tradition meets fun. Beyond laughter and toasts, this place comes alive with live music.

Pool Bar: As the name suggests, it's by the pool and is the ideal gathering point for those who want to enjoy their favorite drinks under the sun.

Champagne Bar: A space for those who want to celebrate. It's not just about popping a bottle; it's about living an elevated experience with each sip.

Quill and Compass Pub: The essence of a traditional pub but with the nautical touch of the Radiance of the Seas.

Lobby Bar: The starting point of any great night. Located at the heart of the cruise, it's a place where encounters flow naturally.

Sky Bar: A space that, as its name suggests, brings you a bit closer to the sky and lets you enjoy the views while savoring your drink.

The Colony Club: A club with character, where each night turns into a story worth telling.

Singapore Sling’s: A nod to the classics, this bar carries the essence of the iconic cocktail that bears its name.

Jakarta Lounge: A corner where relaxation and fun meet, creating the perfect ambiance for a memorable night.

Starquest Disco: For those looking to move to the beat of the music, this is the place to be. A disco where the night never ends.

What to do in Radiance of the Seas?

listado de servicios Radiance of the Seas

When we think about going on a cruise, we not only imagine the destinations and places to visit but also the activities that await us onboard. For years, we've noticed that our customers greatly value what they can do during the journey. So, let's talk about what the Radiance of the Seas has in store for you.

Overview of Activities on the Radiance of the Seas

The Radiance of the Seas, by Royal Caribbean, is known for offering a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages. From sports and physical activities to entertainment and relaxation, there's something for every member of the family.

Highlighted activities on the Radiance of the Seas include:

Sports and Adventure:

Rock Climbing Wall: Can you imagine ascending while the ocean unfolds at your feet? Here, you can make it a reality.

Mini Golf: Have a good time with family and friends in a relaxing game under the sun.

Sports Court: For those who won't give up a good game, even at sea.

Pools: Various options to refresh, swim, or simply float for a while.

Jacuzzis: To relax with the horizon as your only witness.

Solarium: An exclusive space for adults seeking a moment of serenity.

Health and Well-being:

Vitality Spa & Fitness Center: A place where you can pamper your body, whether with relaxing treatments or a workout session with sea views.

Fitness Classes: Stay in shape with different class options, all with a special touch.


Live Orchestra: Performances in the Main Theater are accompanied by live musicians.

Original Productions: A talent show when the curtain falls.

Piano Man: If you're into melodies and singing, this is a must-stop.

Bar Entertainment: Each night is an opportunity to enjoy good music and company.

For the Young Ones:

Adventure Ocean: A fun space for the youngest members of the family.

Optix Teen Disco: A spot for teenagers to gather and enjoy.

Video Game Arcade: From classic games to modern ones, for passing the time.

Education and Culture:

Guest Lectures: Learn more about the destinations you're visiting through informative talks.

Art Collection: Take a stroll through the gallery, and if something catches your eye, you can even take it home.

Learn a Language: Learn a new language on the high seas, why not?

Other Activities:

Shopping: From souvenirs to high-end boutiques, there's something for every type of shopper.

City of Dreams: A mystical journey for fantasy lovers.

Outdoor Movie Nights: The magic of movies under the stars, with the sound of the sea in the background.

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