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What does Explorer of the Seas offer?

The Explorer of the Seas cruise ship is operated by Royal Caribbean International and falls under the "Mainstream" category. This ship flies the flag of the Bahamas and was constructed at the Kvaerner Masa-Yards shipyard in Turku, Finland. Its inaugural voyage took place on October 28, 2000, and it was christened by Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

The ship boasts remarkable dimensions: a gross tonnage of 137,308, a length of 1,020 feet, and a beam (width) of 157.5 feet. Its cruising speed is approximately 22 knots, which is quite standard in the industry. The ship's draft is 29 feet, and in terms of capacity, it can accommodate 3,286 guests in double occupancy, although its total capacity is 4,290 passengers and 1,185 crew members of various nationalities.

In total, the Explorer of the Seas offers 15 decks, of which 14 are accessible to guests. For vertical mobility, it has 14 guest elevators and 4 bow thrusters that enhance the ship's maneuverability in the water.

Accommodation Options
The Explorer of the Seas has a total of 1,643 cabins, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs:

  • 652 with balcony
  • 230 with window
  • 642 interior
  • 27 accessible for disabled
  • 531 with capacity for 3/4 persons
  • 81 with virtual balcony
  • 138 with view of the promenade

For example, accessible cabins are designed to meet the needs of passengers with reduced mobility, while cabins with virtual balconies use screen technology to simulate a window to the sea, an excellent option for those seeking the feeling of a balcony without the additional cost. Cabins with views of the promenade offer an internal view of the ship, particularly of the Royal Promenade, which can be appealing to those who enjoy social activity.

One of the most notable spaces is the Royal Promenade, which essentially serves as a four-story floating shopping center. Here, passengers can enjoy various shops, bars, and options for light dining.

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For those looking to relax in the sun, the ship offers three outdoor swimming pools and a full spa.

When it comes to nighttime entertainment, there is a good variety of options such as the Casino Royale, with a capacity for 416 people, and several bars and lounges like the Crown & Kettle Pub and the Viking Crown Lounge. The crew of 1,185 members is international, although the officer ranks are often of Norwegian nationality. This diversity among the crew is often reflected in the variety of activities and entertainment options on board.

Capacity and Theme
Gastronomic options include restaurants such as the Ferdinand Magellan, with a capacity for 540 people; the Vasco de Gama, also with a capacity for 540 people; and the Christopher Columbus, with a higher capacity of 723 people.

Scenic Entertainment
For those interested in cultural and entertainment activities, the Explorer of the Seas offers the Palace Theatre, with a capacity for 1,350 people, and the Schooner Bar, which has a more intimate atmosphere with a capacity for 130 people.

Technical characteristics

Explorer of the Seas
Year built 2000
Beam 49 m
Length 311 m
Tonnage 138000 tn.
Velocity 22 knots
Passenger capacity 4290
Crew capacity 1185
Ratio of crew per passenger 3.62
Decks 15
Cabins 1643
Lifts 14
Nationality Bahamas
Class Voyager

List of Restaurants

restaurantes Explorer of the Seas

When choosing a cruise, we often think about the destinations, facilities, and of course, entertainment options. But there's an aspect that tends to be crucial for the complete experience: gastronomy. That's why we set out to take a culinary journey through the restaurants aboard the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. Here, we're not just talking about eating; it's about savoring flavors, discovering cultures through their dishes, and enjoying unique moments in company.

This ship stands out for offering a diverse range of gastronomic options, suitable for both those seeking a quick meal and those who prefer a more elaborate dinner. We can categorize the onboard restaurants into several types: main dining rooms, specialty restaurants, casual establishments, and snack outlets.

Main Dining Room is the classic restaurant found on many cruises, divided into three levels to offer a varied experience. Here, you can enjoy a selection of international dishes in a formal setting.

Windjammer Café and Island Grill are excellent choices for when you prefer something more relaxed. Both offer buffets with a wide range of culinary options.

Café Promenade and Ice Cream Parlor are strategic points for those little cravings that arise during the day. From a coffee to an ice cream, they're perfect for a quick break.

For lovers of gourmet food, there are options like Chops Grille, Giovanni's Table, Izumi Japanese Cuisine, and The Tavern. Additionally, for a unique gastronomic experience, there's the option of the Chef's Table, where the ship's chef offers a personalized tasting menu.

  • 3-Level Main Dining Room: This is the largest restaurant on the ship, with a menu that changes daily. Ideal for those seeking a more traditional gastronomic experience.
  • Windjammer Café: A buffet offering everything from Western dishes to Asian options. Informality is its essence.
  • Island Grill: Similar to Windjammer but with a focus on grills and grilled dishes.
  • Café Promenade: This is the place to enjoy quality coffee and small bites. It's located in the ship's central promenade, making it a strategic point for taking a breather.
  • Chops Grille: This is the space for meat lovers, where cuts are the specialty.
  • Giovanni's Table: For those who enjoy Italian cuisine, this restaurant offers everything from pasta to seafood dishes with an Italian touch.
  • Izumi Japanese Cuisine: From sushi to cooked dishes, this restaurant offers a wide range of Japanese options.
  • The Tavern: More than just a restaurant, it's a space that simulates an English pub. It offers everything from appetizers to more complete meals.
  • Johnny Rockets: For lovers of American food, this restaurant offers burgers, fries, and of course, milkshakes.
  • Ice Cream Parlor: Located near the pool, this small establishment offers a variety of ice creams to refresh sunny days.
  • Chef's Table: This is a unique experience where the chef presents a tasting menu in a more private setting. Reservations are necessary in advance due to its high demand.

The gastronomic diversity aboard the Explorer of the Seas is undoubtedly one of the most notable aspects of this ship. This variety is reflected not only in the wide range of options available but also in the quality and attention to detail in the preparation and presentation of each dish. While there isn't space here to detail every culinary corner that can be found, this list provides a good starting point for those interested in exploring the onboard culinary offerings.

Name Type Food Cost
Johnny Rockets Mesa American
Windjammer Autoservicio Buffet
Chops Grille Mesa Steakhouse
Café Promenade Autoservicio Cafe
Giovanni's Italian Kitchen & Wine Bar Mesa Italian
Restaurante Principal Mesa Main Restaurant
Chef's Table Mesa Gourmet
Izumi Mesa Japanese
Playmakers Bar & Arcade Mesa American

Bars and Lounges Listings

When we talk about cruises, it's easy for the imagination to conjure up images of vast food buffets or onboard entertainment. However, the truth is that an essential component for enjoying the journey is the bars and lounges found on the ship. On the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas cruise, these spaces are designed to offer more than just a cold drink or a cocktail. They allow us to see that each bar or lounge has its own identity, designed to provide distinct experiences. Let's take a detailed tour of these bars and lounges.

Before delving into the details, it's worth noting the importance of having a variety of bars and lounges. Diversity allows each passenger to find their favorite spot, from those seeking a relaxed atmosphere to read a book, to those desiring a livelier space for socializing. Furthermore, this plays a vital role in distributing people throughout the ship, avoiding crowds, and improving the flow of passengers.

Something we could consider as a useful advancement is the integration of technology in these spaces. We find that some bars offer options like digital menus, where passengers can order directly from their mobile devices. These kinds of details reduce waiting times and streamline the process for everyone.

Many of these bars and lounges don't just serve drinks. For instance, there are spaces that function as coffee shops during the day and transform into cocktail bars at night. This versatility adds value to the available space on the ship.

  • Schooner Bar: Usually located near the atrium, this is a bar that offers a nautical ambiance. Leather chairs and wooden touches give the impression of being on an old sailboat. It's ideal for enjoying a whiskey or brandy while listening to live music.
  • Crown & Kettle Pub: Inspired by traditional British pubs, here is where you might find a good selection of draft beers and spirits. This is the place for friendly chats or enjoying sports events broadcasted on the screens.
  • The Tavern: A more modern and lively option, designed for music and dance lovers. In addition to an extensive cocktail list, it offers live music and a dance floor.
  • Sky Bar: Located on one of the highest decks, this bar offers stunning panoramic ocean views. It's the kind of place where you might want to catch the sunset.
  • Solarium Bar: Near the Solarium area, this bar is more oriented towards those seeking relaxation and tranquility. It offers a variety of healthier drinks like juices and smoothies.
  • Pool Bar: As the name suggests, this bar is close to the main pool and is ideal for those who want to enjoy a drink without straying far from the water. It usually offers refreshing options like cold beers and tropical cocktails.
  • Star Lounge: This space is used for multiple activities, from presentations and talks to social events. It has a small bar serving a variety of drinks for passengers to enjoy while participating in these activities.
  • R Bar: A more elegant space offering a selection of signature cocktails. The decor is more contemporary, and it's a good place for a quiet conversation.
  • Viking Crown Lounge: Located in one of the highest parts of the ship, this lounge offers nearly 360-degree views. It's known for its more sophisticated atmosphere and offers a broader range of premium spirits.

What to do in Explorer of the Seas?

listado de servicios Explorer of the Seas

When we talk about cruises, it often conjures images of relaxation and luxury, but what if we told you they can also be a floating amusement park full of entertainment and fun? Aboard the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas, you'll find more than just beautiful views and exquisite meals; you'll have access to a wide variety of activities designed for all tastes. Let's break down all the activities you can enjoy during your time at sea, from the relaxing to the most adventurous.

Throughout the day and night, Explorer of the Seas offers activities that challenge the traditional idea of a cruise. If you're passionate about physical activity, there's a fully equipped gym and fitness classes, as well as FlowRider, a surf simulation, and a sports court. On the other hand, if you're looking to disconnect and relax, the Vitality Spa has a complete menu for all five senses. Interested in culture and entertainment? Take part in guest lectures or let loose to the rhythm in dance classes and live shows. The activities aboard the Explorer of the Seas are designed to ensure that every passenger has the option to do what they enjoy the most, even if that means doing absolutely nothing more than lounging in one of the many jacuzzis.

  • Vitality Spa: With treatments ranging from massages to facials, the spa offers a comprehensive experience for rest and rejuvenation.
  • FlowRider: The surf simulator lets you test your surfing skills without hitting the coast.
  • Dance Classes: Whether it's salsa or cha-cha, learn new moves from onboard professionals.
  • All Access Tour: A behind-the-scenes tour taking you to the ins and outs of onboard life, from the kitchen to the engine room.
  • Fast Forward: A show that takes you back in time, with music and performances that evoke past eras.
  • Sip, Tour, Brunch: Start your day with a relaxed ship tour, followed by a light lunch and bubbles.
  • Ice Skating: One of the few opportunities you'll have to ice skate in the middle of the ocean.
  • Sports Court: Whether basketball or soccer, the sports court lets you maintain a competitive spirit even at sea.
  • The Perfect Storm: A set of high-thrill water slides, including Typhoon and Cyclone, offering a bold way to cool off.
  • Adventure Ocean: A dedicated space for the youngest guests, filled with educational activities and games to keep kids entertained.
  • Library and Card Room: Ideal for book enthusiasts or those who enjoy a quiet card game.
  • Solarium: An adults-only area, perfect for those seeking a more tranquil ambiance.
  • Mini Golf: An upper deck mini golf course lets you enjoy the game with panoramic ocean views.
  • Sushi Making Class: Learn the art of sushi-making in an interactive class.
  • Parades on the Royal Promenade: Not every day includes a parade in the middle of the sea; this is your chance.

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